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Here Are Some Ways to Earn Extra During the Quarantine

Gear up for the transition to the "new normal"!
Here Are Some Ways to Earn Extra During the Quarantine
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Gear up for the transition to the "new normal"!

There’s no shame in wanting to bag an extra buck, especially now that we’re gearing up to transition to a “new normal” with as little adjustment shock as humanly possible.  Maybe over the quarantine you’ve found yourself really excited to start some new financial ventures!

Let your audacious side out and take advantage of your smartphone or laptop! There are a lot of viable hustles, so dip into them and see if they work for you. We’ve listed some below.

1. Freelancer

Upwork is a website where you can meet clients and get paid per job. There are multiple fields, like writing, video editing, social media managing, and others. All of these cater to different kinds of freelancers. You can also check Facebook for freelance groups, but use your discretion to separate the real offers from scams. Legitimate jobs do exist online, though. You just have to know where to look.


2. Video content creator

Nowadays, people comfort themselves through escaping into videos, Netflix, YouTube, tutorials, Instagram, streaming, and others. If you like being in front of the camera, consider being a video content creator. To make it work, you have to promote your channel vigorously on other social networking platforms. Take advantage of the fact that everybody is at home, and be strategic about your promotions. Aim for content that’s fun, reletable, and aesthetically pleasing. You can also join Kumu, which is a Filipino live streaming app where you can upload your own content and earn up to P20,000 per month!

3. Online tutor

If the entertainment field isn’t for you, consider becoming an online tutor for younger levels. Normally, all this requires is a bachelor's degree. You can even choose to only tutor subjects related to your degree if you’re hesitant to offer the full package of subjects. Websites like Course Hero are available for you to explore if you’re interested in finding tutees. In addition to this, you can look for opportunities to teach English online. 

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4. Job Search consultant

If you have a tenured career and would like to help misdirected professionals during this turbulent time, you can also opt to look into becoming a job search or resume consultant. Many people have been successful at this as a sideline. You can start a service where you help people build convincing professional resumes and CVs, and then aid them in looking for a job. This requires a lot of research, but if you're passionate and data driven (and quite knowledgeable about individual fields) then this might be a good option for you.

5. Virtual secretary

You could also opt to be a virtual secretary. There are multiple companies that source online secretaries to complete simple tasks for professionals all over the globe. All you need to really have is a good command of the English language, analytical skills, and good internet connection. It shouldn't be too difficult, but be sure to use discretion when applying for this job. You can look offers up on Linkedin and other trusted job sites. 


6. Arts and crafts seller

You can actually sell arts and crafts products! If you have a lot of art stuff at home, and aren't exactly sure what to do with your paintings, or crochet projects, then this might actually be a good avenue for you. If you’ve been creating them out of boredom since the quarantine started, just revv up your game by adding an interesting angle that would make these products stand out online. With crocheting alone there are so many possibilities: bags, containers, coasters, toys, cute beds for pets!

7.   Self-publisher

Hey, aspiring writers! Did you know that you can actually get published with nothing more than an internet connection? Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is completely free! All you have to do is upload your book, promote it, and voila! Passive income! So for those of you who've already been writing for a very long time and have enough material to assemble a book, now might be the time. 


8. Blogger

If you aren't ready (or willing) to write an entire book, you can simply be a blogger. Again, the key here is to promote your content vigorously on social media. Find tutorials on how to optimize your blogs, write content that is engaging and informative, and fill your writing with your personality and voice to help you stand out. It would also be great to have adjacent social media sites to your blog. That way not only can people find you easily, but your blog will also be spread across different platforms! If Filipina entrepreneur Aileen Adalid quit her corporate job to become a full-time travel blogger in her twenties, you can make it big too! 

9. Stock image merchant

Did you know that you can actually sell stock images and stock videos? A smartphone would suffice, but it would be better if you had a DSLR camera. Sell your photos, videos, and time lapses to stock image sites like Shutterstock or Getty Images where media andadvertising practitioners source visual content. 


10. Spotify artist

Calling all the musicians out there! On Distrokid, you only need to pay $19.99 in order to upload an unlimited number of songs to Spotify, Apple Music, and other music distributing sites every year! Again, the key here is to promote, promote, promote; monetization comes after surpassing a certain number of streams. If you want some passive income, go for it: Tap your friends and family, and make sure everyone in your social circle is listening to your songs.

11. Online entrepreneur

The quarantine and its aftermath is no doubt changing the economic landscape, and the markets along with it. From here on out the marketplace, might be more centralized online. If you've always wanted to own a business, why not start now? Start looking into the process of maintaining and promoting an online store. This can also tap into your hobbies. It could be a reselling store, for example, or you can sell your own craft. You could even start your own line eventually! Now’s the time!

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