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7 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Spam

How do you like your spam?
7 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Spam
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How do you like your spam?

Typically, all you need to eat with Spam is a cup of white or garlic rice. You don't really crave much else. But there are actually several ways to get creative with this canned meat without having to be a culinary genius. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Spam Musubi

For this delicious snack, all you have to do is incorporate one extra ingredient that holds your usual Spam and rice combo together: nori. Some people want to go the extra mile, though, and cook Spam with more flavor. YouTuber Emmymade added soy sauce, mirin (sweetened rice wine), and sugar to her meat. 

2. Spam Kimbap 

You can watch K-dramas armed with the knowledge that you can make your own kimbap at home and satisfy your cravings asap! To be honest, you can put anything in your kimbap (like carrots or pickled radish), but this tutorial includes Spam, warm rice, stripped egg, nori. It's better if your rice is warm so it adheres to the seaweed better. 


3. Gordon Ramsey's Spam Scrambled Eggs

If you want to cook and eat like an international chef, here's Gordon Ramsay's take on scrambled eggs. You'll need shallots (a type of onion with a milder taste), garlic, habaneros (make do with whatever sili you have), and eggs. 

4. Spam Fried Rice

Another easy dish is, of course, fried rice! The best thing about fried rice is that it's adaptable: You can throw any ingredient in there (extra food in your ref) and it usually turns out pretty delish. Australia YouTuber Greg's Kitchen cooks Spam fried rice with chopped pineapples, spring onions, and eggs. 

5. Crispy Spam Fingers 

Bet you never thought of these before! This recipe is a little outside the box, but not difficult to make. In this order, you'll need to dredge your sliced Spam in flour, eggs, and bread crumbs. After that, you fry the Spam "fingers" until they're golden brown and crispy. 

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6. Spam Breakfast Sandwich 

There's a good chance you've had Spam as a sandwich filling before, but have you ever tried elevating it into breakfast sandwich? Like most of the recipes on this list, this one only requires a few ingredients: Spam, bread, cheese, and egg. And no, you don't have to own a grill to make this; I just use a pan or a toaster. 

7. Spam Sisig

Is it weird? Maybe a little. But if you sit on the idea for a few minutes, doesn't it also sound super tasty? You have to try it before you knock it. Like most sisig dishes, you'll need some white onions, calamansi, red and green chili peppers, green onions, eggs, and butter. Cook the diced Spam until it's golden brown. In a bowl, mix the Spam, onions, chili peppers, green onions, pepper, and soy sauce together. Cook it again in high heat before adding the egg and calamansi. Enjoy! 


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