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10 Practical Ways to Conserve Water

Spread the word and save the world!
10 Practical Ways to Conserve Water
Spread the word and save the world!

With nationwide water interruptions troubling the country (sadly, it might carry on throughout the summer), it's best to do our part and be mindful of the ways we use up our water. In light of this dreaded water shortage, here are a few easy and practical ways that you can do to help conserve it.

1. Turn off the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth.

There's absolutely no reason for you to keep the faucet running while doing any of the above activities. This also applies for when you're washing your dishes. A pro tip: Before you start, fill up two basins with water, one with soap and one without. That way you can scrub and rinse your dishes all while maximizing the water that you already have, instead of wasting all the excess running from an open tap.




2. Be mindful when washing your laundry.

Again, using two separate basins with soap water and clean water can help you conserve while doing your laundry.

3. Turn off the shower when soaping and shampooing.

Just imagine the amount of unused water going down the drain while you're taking your precious time lathering on soap or shampoo. Turning off your shower while doing these tasks will save you a great deal.

4. Better yet, don’t use the shower first.

Use a pail instead when taking a bath. That way, you'll limit yourself to using just the water you already have. Plus, it's a good way to save time as opposed to your usual 45-minute shower.

5. Collect rain water for gardening.

When it rains, it pours, so take advantage of nature's gifts and collect rain water for your garden. It's a lot better than unnecessarily wasting water using a hose.


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6. Clean your driveway or sidewalk with a broom first.

Before using a hose to clean up your driveway, make sure to manually remove all the dust and dirt first with a broom, which then saves you from having to use a lot of water later on.

7. Use a pail when cleaning your car/s.

Again, it's all about maximizing the water you've already put in a bucket, instead of hosing down your car with reckless abandon.

8. Use dry shampoo.

Clean your locks with dry shampoo instead of having multiple showers in a day. The spray-in product will remove the oil and grease from you hair and even give it a bit of volume.

9. When dining at restaurants and/or hotels, ask to be served water only upon request.

This one's definitely a tip all restaurants should be practicing because, let's face it, not everyone will finish all that water served up front. Aside from this, when asking for water, make sure to let your waiter pour the amount you're only sure to drink. 


10. Use micellar water instead of tap water when cleansing your face.

This is especially important when removing makeup. You should know that no matter how long you wash and scrub, tap water can only do so much to really remove your makeup and the subsequent dirt and chemicals that may come with it. Using micellar water will keep you from spending a lot of time and using up too much water in front of the sink—plus, it will actually get the job done.

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