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WATCH: A Compilation of #YayaDub’s Best Dubsmash Videos

WATCH: A Compilation of #YayaDub’s Best Dubsmash Videos The videos that started it all.

If her moniker "Yaya Dub" doesn’t make it obvious that Maine Mendoza’s rise to fame all began because of the lip-sync video-making app, Dubsmash, then allow us to refresh your memory.

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Way before there was AlDub, there was a shy twenty year-old Filipina beauty who liked to blow off steam (and boredom) through wacky Dubsmash posts. What began as something she liked doing for fun changed her life when she realized that more and more people are viewing her posts. The turning point was clearly when her Kris Aquino impressions reached a million views overnight. And after a quick turn of events and one fateful casting for a new portion for the longest-running noontime show in the country, Eat Bulaga, Yaya Dub was born.

Watch some of her best Dubsmash vids below!

1. The videos that put her name on the social media map. 

Her Kris Aquino impression was such a big hit that, at one time, it even reached over a million views in just a day. That's quite a feat for someone who just did it for fun. Even some of our most popular stars can't get that much views in 24 hours. 

2. Here's a part two since we all can't get enough of Kris Aquino. 

She even did a Pantene commercial. Lol!

3. She did a lot of English videos, too!

She bringin' out her inner Beyonce and Cookie Lyon. 

4. The television Dubsmash that started it all

The first time she did the #pabebewave and the first time they met onscreen. Still lip-syncing, of course. 


5. Her latest hits

After the pairing became such a huge phenomenon, Maine would still posts random dubsmashes on her Instagram and other accounts. These impersonations of Lola Nidora (a main character in Eat Bulaga's Kalye Series) got 3 million views in just one day! Woah. 

6. Even their commecials are lip-synced.

This is their first commercial ever as a tandem for fast food chain, McDonald's. Apparently, commercials can go crazy viral, too. This particular ad has 4, 861,587 views and counting!

You keep doin' what you do, YayaDub. 

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