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FYI, You Can Now Get Paid to Be an Interior Designer for Animal Crossing

FYI, You Can Now Get Paid to Be an Interior Designer for Animal Crossing
We're not kidding! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

If you’ve been passing the time this quarantine by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch, then perhaps you’ve been flexing your interior design skills as you make your little world more #aesthetic. Well, if you’re confident with your eye for interior design, here’s a legit side hustle you might want to consider: Becoming a “virtual interior design consultant” for fellow Animal Crossing fans like you could earn you some serious bucks! Yup, we’re totally serious.


FYI, this pays real money—we're not talking about turnips here! U.K.-based homeware brand Olivia’s just announced that it is seeking to recruit a collective of consultants to provide advice to gamers who need a little help in sprucing up their virtual home in ACNH. And who know? It could be you!

PHOTO BY micah ramos
PHOTO BY micah ramos

Consultants will earn upwards of £40 (that's approximately P2,472.14, btw!) an hour for fulfilling responsibilities like “providing clients with suggested setups that stay within their budget” and “explaining the reasoning behind each of these choices.” Multiple designs must also be created so the client has options for a future redesign. 

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Getting hired is tough competition though, and you’d have to prove that you’re cut out for the role, as with any other job (remember, this is serious business). Olivia’s is looking for people with strong communication skills and confidence in remote working—plus points go to those with previous interior design experience.

So, you not only get paid to play Animal Crossing but you gain work experience, too. That pretty much sounds like a win-win situation from all angles. If you’re decided, all you have to do is fill out the form. Heads up: It requires two short essays so make sure you craft them well.


If it all works out, you’ll be helping fellow gamers make the most out of their home items without breaking the bank. 

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