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We Finally Know What That Viral John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo Video Call Is About

Our questions have been answered.
We Finally Know What That Viral John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo Video Call  Is About
Our questions have been answered.

Last Monday night, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz caused a frenzy on social media when the two appeared in an Instagram Live together. What was originally a video of Bea teaching her viewers how to make bagoong rice turned into an intellectually-charged and at times sentimental discussion when John Lloyd joined the actress on the platform. 

The back-and-forth between the fictional Popoy and Basha re-ignited the internet’s love for the power-house on-screen couple. While one side of social media soaked in the swoon-worthy nostalgia afforded by their surprisingly public conversation, the other half speculated if the whole thing was a PR stunt given John Lloyd’s Instagram post two weeks ago. It stated, ”Over the next week, we will be performing a work of fiction on Instagram. (It is a love story and it is about these times.) Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is intentional.” Bea and local director Antoinette Jadaone were tagged on the post.


So was it just a PR stunt for an upcoming movie all along? Not quite. Because as it turns out, it's the movie in itself.

As finally revealed by direk Antoinette through a Facebook post, the whole thing was actually a planned performance. “The Unconfined Cinema was founded on the idea of exploring what else cinema could be, freeing our stories to be told outside of the traditional spaces and conceptual boundaries set by the last century of the medium. In this unprecedented time of quarantine, in a time when movie production is impossible, we found it especially pressing to find ways to tell our stories,” she introduced.

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"Love Team is a love story—whether romantic or in its other forms—told entirely within Instagram. It is a story of our times. Love stories have always had their place in Filipino cinema, and we wanted to bring the feelings that those movies inspire to a platform that has become more relevant and utilized in this time of quarantine—social media, specifically Instagram. The use of social media creates all sorts of new possibilities for storytelling. This was a story told over two weeks, adapting and evolving to real-life events, integrating our genuine sentiments over the state that we’re in.”

The director ends her explanation with a call for fellow filmmakers to break the barriers of conventional movie making at a time where such art is impossible. “The Unconfined Cinema invites filmmakers and artists to join us in exploring the possibilities of our cinema. Not just on Instagram, but on every stage imaginable.”


Read her full post below:

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