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5 Mouth-Watering Videos of Korean Street Food You Need to Watch

Warning: Don't watch if you're hungry!
5 Mouth-Watering Videos of Korean Street Food You Need to Watch
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Warning: Don't watch if you're hungry!

Missing South Korea? Whether you're visiting for K-drama filming locations, K-pop mecca tour, cafe hopping, or beauty product hoarding, you've never really experienced SoKor unless you've gone through the long strip of street food in Myeongdong!

Now, while we're still waiting for the right time for us to safely tour around Seoul once again, we're satisfying our Korean food cravings through our own kitchen experiments and these street food videos! Below, we compiled all the Korean street food videos that are currently on our watch list. Go on, hit play and bookmark all these delicious food you simply must try the next time you're in Korea!

1. This video is focused on one of the cheapest and simplest street foods in South Korea: The egg bread. It's best enjoyed with lots of cheese on top!

2. In South Korea, a lot of their street food is prepared in a cart that’s fully equipped to make hot sandwiches on the spot! See how this imo (Korean word for aunt) makes toast so efficiently!

3. Ramyeon to Koreans is like Pancit Canton to Filipinos! The instant comfort food is so loved in the country that there are stalls dedicated to cooking ramyeon right in front of you so you can slurp them right away!

Plus, you even get to eat it in one of those golden pots you see in K-Dramas!


4. Enjoy these viral souffle pancakes with lots and lots of strawberry on top to cap off your day!

5. Of course, how can we forget about tteokbokki and odeng swimming in this fiery spicy sauce? Yum!

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