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Oh No! Venus Is Now in Scorpio and Here's What That Means for Your Relationships

Need a little guidance from the stars?
Oh No! Venus Is Now in Scorpio and Here's What That Means for Your Relationships
Need a little guidance from the stars?

Whether you’re an avid believer of astrology or not, there’s no denying that everyone has been having a hard time recently. Guilty as charged, some of us would blame the universe for not being able to control our emotional outbursts, especially when this affects our relationships with the people around us. 

In case you weren’t aware, we were just hit by Mars Retrograde, which lasted from September 9 to November 13, and its lingering effects have brought us down to a slump. Fortunately, this unbearable stagnant, drained phase is finally over, and it's all thanks to the planet of love, Venus! As it merges with the most intense zodiac, Scorpio, get ready to be intoxicated with the glorious magic they will pour onto our lives! Having started on November 21st and lasting until December 15th, this astronomic placement is not for the faint of heart.

We are all going to start loving like a Scorpio

Named just like the goddess in Roman mythology, the planet Venus comprises of love, beauty, desire, and prosperity. It serves as your guide to how you love and your compatibility with other zodiac signs. Check where your Venus is at, and you might crack a secret code to your relationships. Since Venus is now in Scorpio, don’t get all flustered if you feel an overwhelming desire to establish deeply profound, passionate bonds these next few weeks. To emphasize its magnitude, the energy of Scorpio may make us highly intuitive when it comes to new and existing relationships, may it be filial, platonic, or romantic—in short, a full-on reality check. 


Signs who will feel most challenged: Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo

Signs who will get the most benefits: Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer

Time to say goodbye to mediocrity

Having a gut feeling that a certain human connection makes you question its authenticity? If so, you have the utmost power to walk away and know that it is all for the best. This signifies the end of surface-level interactions and gives confidence for diving headfirst into the nitty-gritty parts to test our seemingly harmonious relationships. No more push-and-pull games or small talk, but a time to discuss underlying subtle issues and long-term plans with your partner. The same goes for the relationship you have with yourself—sticking with personal goals, facing fears of change, birthing new projects, claiming all opportunities that come your way, and completely knowing yourself more than you could imagine.

Reflections on the rise

Now that the year 2020 is coming to a close, along with Christmas right around the corner, the feeling of wanting to be deeply close to one another is greatly amplified. Be careful though because as much as this transformative intimacy appears to be a good thing, this transit also could bring out our dark psyche when it comes to love, indicating a potential inclination to depend obsessively on our thoughts, and act intensely controlling or possessive. 

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This might look like a warning, but we encourage you to change your perspective by looking at this as an opportunity you can take advantage of. Work on reevaluating the patterns and cycles you practice. From there, be open to embracing transparency and honesty in this transit. You must hold onto courage as you explore the depth of these relationships. This is so you can stand on your ground while you come into an understanding with the deepest truths you might discover about yourself and others. 

Sounds like a lot of hard work, right? Have no fear, because once you survive Venus in Scorpio, you’ll come out of it with genuine human connections that are unbreakable in the long run. From here on out, we are not settling for mediocre anymore. Besides, after so many bleak months of quarantining just to maintain social distancing while we keep our sanity, it’s safe to say that we deserve to claim a transcendental kind of love that would bring us closer than ever. 


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