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7 Practical Wedding Giveaways That Your Guests Will Appreciate

Give them a proper token that they can actually use!
7 Practical Wedding Giveaways That Your Guests Will Appreciate
Give them a proper token that they can actually use!

Planning a wedding is definitely not as easy as it sounds! Just when you thought you already have everything figured out—like the caterer, your wedding dress, your entourage, photo and video coverage, the coordinator, event stylist, host, cake, and band—alas, that's you realize you forgot about something else: the giveaways! To express your appreciation for the folks who went out of their way to witness this big milestone in your life, you might want to consider gifting them with something special to remember the day by.

Below, we list down some practical wedding giveaway ideas that your guests will keep and absolutely adore.

1. Pure Honey

There’s no sweeter way to send off your wedding guests—literally! Gift them with bottles of pure and natural honey housed in cute, personalized boxes from local brand Bzzz PHThey specialize in producing 100% pure, bottled honey sourced from bee farms in the northern parts of the country. Their bottled honey is homemade and manufactured in small batches, so you’re sure that you’re getting quality products for a undoubtedly reasonable price. 


Why your guests will love them: Three reasons! First, honey is one of the healthiest superfoods out there. Second, it has a very long shelf life and could last decades provided that it's stored properly. And third, who can say no to that cute packaging? Go for this idea and we’re sure that your wedding guests will go home as happy as a bee!

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Cost per piece: P250 to P350 for each gift set; including a bottle of pure honey, a honey dipper, and personalized gift tags


2. Customized Wine and Champagne Glasses

What better way to spend the most intimate moments with your bridesmaids than to bond over a drink or two? For the gals closest to your heart, opt for customized wine glasses with their initials or names etched on delicate vino. With Letter Factory PH’s vast glass and acrylic giveaway selection, you can choose from different glass types, sizes, and fonts. Bring out the bubbly and celebrate your special day with your dearest family and friends in style.

Why your guests will love them: Who doesn't like personalized gifts? Plus, drinking from custom-made goblets as you pose for photographs with your bridesmaids will make your wedding snaps feel more unique and special.


Cost per piece: P250 to P400 for each customized wine or champagne glass

Contact Number: 09175624143

3. Engraved Cutting Boards

A chopping board is functional, practical, and a household essential. If you’re looking for a wedding giveaway that's useful and won't end up being tossed in the bin, look no further because these unique boards from Rustic Creations by Anj will easily solve your wedding giveaway woes. Their cutting boards come in various sizes and can be customized, making them perfect for any taste and preference. What’s more, they offer free engraving services for all their wooden boards (cheese boards and steak boards included!), so you can allot your extra bucks for last-minute expenses. 

Why your guests will love them: Meticulously crafted from beautiful and natural acacia hardwood, these engraved cutting boards are designed to add a tasteful and elegant touch to any space without jeopardizing function. They’re also durable enough to last for years of tough kitchen use, so we’re betting that your guests will appreciate these timeless keepsakes. 


Cost per piece: Starts at P700 for engraved cutting boards and P500 for other personalized wooden boards 

Contact Number: 09987942219

4. Artisanal Bath Soaps

At first glance, you might mistake these colorful disks for edible desserts, but don’t let their appearance fool you! Aside from being irresistibly cute, these handmade bath soaps from The Daily Soak are guilt-free and won’t threaten your diet. The local brand specializes in handcrafting bath and home essentials for everyday indulgence, so if you’re on the lookout for an adorable but practical way to express your gratitude to your guests, then this giveaway option might be for you.


Why your guests will love them: The Daily Soak’s products are 100% natural, gentle, and kind to the skin. Plus, their bath bars are made from clean and simple ingredients, so there’s no need to fuss over potentially harmful ingredients if your guests have sensitive skin. Opt for their individually packaged doughnut soaps with personalized gift tags and let your guests experience pampering on a sweet and refreshing note. 


Cost per piece: P170 for each doughnut bath soap

Contact Number: 09176712764

5. Personalized Liquor Gift Sets

Give the gents something to look forward to by gifting them with personalized liquor gift sets for the after-party. Box and Petals’ tempting liquor treats would make the perfect present for your loyal groomsmen! 

Why your guests will love them: Any guest knows that a post-wedding celebration isn’t complete without the booze, so leave it to Box and Petals to turn things up with their personalized gift sets! 


Cost per piece: P499 for every gift box including a miniature bottle and a wine glass


6. Room Sprays, Essential Oils, and Reed Diffusers 

Forget customized mini perfume bottles because, chances are, your guests already have their own signature fragrances and won’t spritz on scents that are unfamiliar and temporary. Instead, turn to Skadoosh Party Favors and give their home essential sets a shot—choose from their wide array of room sprays, essential oils, and reed diffusers, and add your own personal touch to every set to make your wedding day worth remembering.

Why your guests will love them: Who wouldn't want their homes to smell fresh? These home sprays and diffusers will surely ease your guests' troubled minds so they'll appreciate this handy giveaway. 


Cost per piece: P700 for each gift set; includes a room spray, an aromatic diffuser, reed sticks, and custom gift tags 

Contact Number: 09164633892

7. Themed Cupcakes 

Some brides prefer giveaways that were prepared in the kitchen, and if you’re one of them, then go for something sweet and eye-catching. One look at Nephele Cupcake Art’s wedding-themed cupcakes and you’ll fall in love.

Why your guests will love them: Aside from swooning over the intricate details on each cupcake, your guests will absolutely find delight in these mouthwatering treats that are best consumed as a post-wedding dinner dessert—don't forget to enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea! Edible giveaways such as sweets might not be the most popular option for wedding favors, but TBH, how can you ever go wrong with yummy food?


Cost per piece: P155 to P220 for each customized fondant cupcake

Contact Number: 09985559368

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