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10 Unique Hidden-Gem Beach Destinations in the Philippines

10 Unique Hidden-Gem Beach Destinations in the Philippines
IMAGE, INSTAGRAM/clydegadayan
From vibrant pink shores to stunning rock formations.

The shores of Boracay and Cebu get a lot of attention, but within our diverse country lies plenty of low-profile beaches that are definitely worthy of a visit too. You’ll find otherworldly sights tucked away in quiet corners, from vibrant pink sands to stunning rock formations.

Here are 10 out of the ordinary beach destinations in the Philippines:

1. Biri Island, Samar

A rocky beach may seem like a strange addition to a travel bucket list, but Biri Island will have you thinking otherwise. Located in Northern Samar, this beach has stunning rock formations that’s surrounded by crystal clear water. Forget your regular routine of laying that towel on the ground. For this trip, climb atop one of the large rock formations on the island and absorb the view from up above. 

unique beaches philippines
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/niknok_dotdot

2. Valugan Boulder Beach, Batanes 

Another similar beach that should be on your list is Valugan Boulder Beach in Batanes. Its shores are marked by softly rounded rocks, a natural phenomenon made by volcanic eruptions from decades before. Because the waves are quite strong, it’s generally advised not to swim here. Instead, you can take a trek and revel in the beauty of the powerful scene. 

unique beaches philippines

3. Laswitan Lagoon, Surigao del Sur

Within Laswitan Lagoon's waters lies a 20-foot rock that, when hit by waves, creates a spectacular splash (one so large that it creates the illusion of a waterfall). Tourists love to get up close to get showered by the powerful bursts of water—it’s like Surigao del Sur’s very own waterpark that only nature can craft. 

4. Kalanggaman Island Beach, Leyte

The Philippines has no shortage of powder-white-sand islands, but one in the shape of an artful bird? That’s a title only Kalanggaman Island Beach holds. Named after “langgam,” the Visayan word for “bird,” this island is a small slice of paradise. It remains relatively under the radar, leaving you to enjoy nature’s pure, untouched beauty.   

5. Secret Lagoon, Palawan

Hey Alexa, play Somewhere Only We Know. Although the Secret Lagoon is considered to be a not-so-hidden hidden gem, it still has a way of making guests feel like it’s a place only they know of. It’s secluded in the middle of commanding limestones, which make you feel like it’s a truly well-guarded secret. Make the most out of your trip by hopping to the other beaches nearby too. 

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unique beaches philippines

6. Pink Beach, Zamboanga

A storybook scene, a fairytale dream, or cotton-candy land—there are a hundred ways to call the Pink Beach in Zamboanga. With its saturated pink sand, the beach truly looks out of this world. Be sure to bring your best posing game because this will definitely make for an Instagram-worthy moment like no other. 

7. Anawangin Cove, Zambales

A wide beach flanked by tall, slender trees all around? It's an unlikely sight, but one that’s a reality in Anawangin Cove. This scene actually didn’t exist until a few decades ago when Mt. Pinatubo erupted, creating sand and causing thousands of seeds to scatter about. It's frequented by tourists for cozy camping trips. 


8. Camiguin Island, Bohol

Camiguin Island is known as the “island born of fire,” a title that does not quite speak to the serenity of the place. Although it has fiery origins (the beach was formed by multiple volcanic eruptions in the area), it is a scene of complete calmness. You can come to sunbathe and swim against the beautiful scenery of its iconic volcanoes. 

unique beaches philippines

9. Lusong Gumboat Wreck, Palawan

How’s this for a unique beach destination? Coron holds an interesting diving spot–one with a sunken Japanese Supply Ship buried underwater. It’s a relic from WWII and has since been embedded with corals, barnacles, and other marine life. As eerie as it is, it’ll definitely make for an interesting experience. 

unique beaches philippines

10. Bonbon Beach, Romblon

If you’re looking for a hidden gem,  you’ve found your treasure. Bonbon Beach in Romblon barely has any establishments within its perimeter, leaving you with a completely clean stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters. For that true removed-from-civilization getaway that we all long for once in a while, make sure to add this to your bucket list. 

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