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13 Underrated Shops to Try for Your Next Ice Cream Craving

How about trying flavors like Muscovado + Bacon or Soy Sauce Kasuy?
13 Underrated Shops to Try for Your Next Ice Cream Craving
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How about trying flavors like Muscovado + Bacon or Soy Sauce Kasuy?

You probably already have your go-to ice cream spots by now, but it's always a good thing to try something new. Who knows, you might also be missing out on other under-the-radar shops with their own great versions of the dessert. Go beyond the usual, and check out these shops for a change the next time the ice-cream craving hits.

These under-the-radar local ice cream stores make drool-worthy versions of the dessert:

1. Chef Baby’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Chef Baby’s Ice Cream Oddball
PHOTO BY Instagram/chefbabys

You can’t beat a well-made classic, and that’s exactly what you get at Chef Baby’s Ice Cream. Their flavors may sound like your usual but they use great-quality ingredients—pure vanilla in the Yummy Vanilla (P275), Italian coffee beans in the Italian Coffee (P295), Himalayan salt in the Salted Caramel (P295), and dark cocoa in the Darkest Chocolate (P325)—to churn up equally great-quality scoops. You can either hit up their DMs or find them on GrabFood for orders.

For orders, send a message to Chef Baby’s Ice Cream’s Instagram page or find them on GrabFood.

2. Oddball

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Piescream Co.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Oddball

This handcrafted ice cream brand dubs their flavors “out of this world”, and we’re inclined to agree. They’ve got flavors will make you go, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”—think Flaming Cheese (P280/16 ounces) with Flaming Hot Cheetos, Galaxy (P280/16 ounces, 450/32 ounces) with a vanilla ice-cream base and Nerds, Honey Stars (P220/16 ounces, P400/32 ounces) with Honey Stars cereal and milk, and even Green Grape Soju (P220/16 ounces, P380/32 ounces)! You can fill out their order form to get your fix.

For orders, fill out Oddball’s order form. You can also check out their Facebook page.

3. Piescream Co.

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Buccino’s Ice Cream Experiments
PHOTO BY Instagram/itsfrancisgallardo
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Classic pies serve as the inspiration for Piescream Co.’s ice cream. Their focused flavor range includes the Key Lime Pie (P390), Turtle Pie (P440), and Chocolate (P350), and you can place an order by sending a message to owner Francis Gallardo on Instagram or giving them a text or call.

For orders, send a message to Francis Gallardo on Instagram or contact 0916-596-7807.

4. Buccino’s Ice Cream Experiments

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Petite Dessert Kitchen
PHOTO BY Facebook/BICE - Buccino's Ice Cream Experiments

Also known as BICE, Buccino’s Ice Cream Experiments will expand your horizons on what can or cannot be ice cream. Their inventive menu includes the Muscovado + Bacon, Soy Sauce Kasuy, Dark Chocolate + Olive Oil, and Tablea Tsokolate flavors—as well as other totally ingenious seasonal flavors that announce once in a while on social media (they once made a Kare Curry ice cream with peanut butter and yellow curry!). At the moment they’re only making ice cream upon order, but they’ll be selling them more regularly very soon. Just hit them up on social media to place an order.

For orders, send a message to Buccino’s Ice Cream Experiments on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Petite Dessert Kitchen

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Kalye Sorbetes
PHOTO BY Facebook/Petite Dessert Kitchen

Though they only sell two flavors a week (their menu changes weekly), you’ll always have an exciting scoop to look forward to at Petite Dessert Kitchen. Their roster includes a wide range of playful flavors—just some of which are the Earl & Madeleine with an Earl-Grey tea latte ice cream, orange madeleine chunks, and vanilla marshmallow syrup; the Grilled Cheese with a toasted-bread-and-cheddar-cheese ice cream (!) and candied bacon; the Milk & Honey with cereal-milk ice cream, raw honeycomb, and frosted corn flakes; and the Unbirthday Cake with toasted-marshmallow ice cream, vanilla cupcake chunks, and rainbow sprinkles. You can check out their flavor of the week on Instagram and send them a message to order.

For orders, check out Petite Dessert Kitchen’s Instagram page.

6. Kalye Sorbetes

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Pantry Sisters
PHOTO BY Facebook/Kalye Sorbetes

Inspired by the classic Filipino street snack sorbetes (also called “dirty” ice cream), Kalye Sorbetes churns out their own premium homemade ice cream in recognizably Filipino flavors. Take your pick from the Manggahan (P225/pint) with dried mango bits, Ubelt (P225/pint) with purple yam and cheddar-cheese bits, Chocolocan (P225) with tablea and chocolate bits, Kape del Pan (P225) with Arabica coffee beans and bread bits (taking after the Filipino habit of dipping pan de sal into coffee), and Quezo Avenue (P225/pint) with cheddar cheese. You can give them a call to get your fix.

For orders, contact 0917-534-5593. You can also check out Kalye Sorbetes’ Facebook page.

7. Pantry Sisters

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Tipsy Cream Manila
PHOTO BY Instagram/

Lavender—the flower, not the color—as a frozen dessert, anyone? Check out Pantry Sisters’ Lavender Ice Cream (P300/pint), which is lightly infused with the said flower for an elegant dessert your adult self will approve of. Pantry Sisters also makes a Madagascar Vanilla ice cream (P300/pint) if you’re looking for a great take on a classic. Just send them a message to place an order.

For orders, send a message to Pantry Sisters’ Instagram page.

8. Tipsy Cream Manila


Combine ice cream with alcoholic drinks like beer, whiskey, and vodka and what do you get? A boozy frozen dessert that’ll have you on a whole different kind of high, that’s what. Get your fix of from Tipsy Cream Manila: Their ice cream ranges from the Guinness Milk Chocolate (starts at P449) to the Strawberry Vodka (from (P449) to the Vanilla Beer (from P449) and even the Bourbon Custard With Candied Bacon (from P449). You can find them on Foodpanda, or give their hotline a ring for orders.

For orders, find Tipsy Cream Manila on Foodpanda or contact 0906-253-7918, 0917-712-5354, or 0917-813-8788. You can also check out their Facebook page.

9. Sol’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: Sol’s Ice Cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/Sol's Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts

It’s all about artisanal, premium scoops at Sol’s Ice Cream. There’s an ice-cream flavor for everyone here: Try the Brown Butter Nut (P360) if you like it nutty, the Tablea (P330) if your idea of a good chocolate dessert is one that’s deep and dark, or the Cinnamon Toast (P330) if you find yourself constantly yearning for a taste of nostalgia. Give these scoops a try by filling out their order form.

For orders, fill out Sol’s Ice Cream’s order form. You can also check out their Facebook page.

10. The Dairy Grind

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: The Dairy Grind
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Dairy Grind

If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor, check out The Dairy Grind. They’ve got a Craft-Your-Own-Ice-Cream option, where you can choose your ice cream base (just some of the options are Butterscotch, Milk Chocolate, Salted Muscovado, Thai Milk Tea) and mix-ins (like mini chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, Choc Nut bits, fresh mango or strawberry pieces, and more) to build your very own personalized scoop! The Dairy Grind’s got a whole host of ready-made flavors, too, like Peanut Butter Jelly (starts at P290/pint) and Earl Grey (starts at P290/pint), as well as booze-infused scoops like the Vodka Mudslide Ice Cream (starts at P310/pint). You can head over to their website to try these ice creams for yourself.

For orders, visit The Dairy Grind’s website.

11. The Blissful Story Creamery

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: The Blissful Story Creamery
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Blissful Story Creamery

Most dairy ice cream is made with cow’s milk, but The Blissful Story Creamery begs to differ with their carabao’s-milk based version. This makes for ice cream that’s lactose-intolerant friendly and creamy in a distinct way—the kind that lingers long on the tongue. They’re currently churning out selected regular scoops like the Vanilla Kiss (P495) and Cookie Monster (P495), as well as no-sugar-added flavors like the Dark Trinitario Chocolate (P585), Avocado Pistachio (P585), and Caffe Mocha (P585). Just place your orders via their website.

For orders, visit The Blissful Story Creamery’s website.

12. BBZ Ice Cream

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: BBZ Ice Cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/BBZ Ice Cream

Coming from the folks behind beer brand BBZ is BBZ Ice Cream—a line of artisanal ice cream that’s spiked with liquor for a different sort of flavor dimension! They give classic ice cream a mischievous, alcohol-spiked spin with flavors like the Risky Road (P400/pint) or chocolate ice cream with whiskey, marshmallows, and walnuts; One For the Road (P400/pint) or salted-caramel beer ice cream with chocolate sauce, and French Kiss (P400/pint) or French vanilla ice cream with wine-soaked strawberries. You can send them a text to place an order.

For orders, contact 0917-564-6201. You can also check out BBZ Ice Cream’s Facebook page.

13. MADE by Judea Ice Cream

Ice Cream Stores in Manila: MADE by Judea Ice Cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/MADE by Judea Ice Cream

This premium ice cream brand is brought to us by Parañaque-based soft-serve machine seller Judea Enterprises. At MADE by Judea Ice Cream, they serve up cool and indulgent scoops in flavors like Wintermelon Milk Tea (P300/pint, P400/32 ounces), Birthday Cake (P300/pint, P400/32 ounces), and even Durian Candy (P300/pint, P400/32 ounces)! Try them for yourself by heading to their website.

For orders, visit MADE by Judea Ice Cream's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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