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10 Underrated Christmas Songs You Probably Don't Have in Your Holiday Playlist Yet

Sick of the usual holiday songs?
10 Underrated Christmas Songs You Probably Don't Have in Your Holiday Playlist Yet
Sick of the usual holiday songs?

Christmas season in the Philippines means turning up your holiday carols the moment September rolls in. If we were to make a guess, you’ve probably already had Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey on repeat for the past few months. While their songs are undoubtedly timeless classics, there are so many more yuletide tunes out there just waiting to swing into your radar. 

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This year, get into the holiday spirit with a different twist! Here are 10 underrated Christmas songs that also deserve a spot in your Christmas song playlist!

1. No Snow by Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan will soothingly sing you to sleep with her original soundtrack, No Snow. The song gives us a rundown of the genuine Pinoy Christmas experience from singing carols in September and attending simbang gabi in our humid, no-winter weather.

2. Bibingka by Ben&Ben

This 9-piece folk-pop band’s sweet serenade will make you fall in love all over again with their original song, Bibingka. Inspired by true events, the song tells the sweet backstory of how lead vocalist Paulo Guico met and fell in love with a girl at a bibingka stall after attending simbang gabi. How sweet!


3. Baby, Merry Christmas by Keiko Necesario

We just can’t help but swoon over this song’s sweet-sounding vocals and acoustics. Baby, Merry Christmas is for the ones celebrating their first Christmas with a special someone this year. Can you relate?

4. Christmas Lights by Coldplay

Centered on a breakup, Christmas Lights starts off with a solemn and sorrowful aura but is eventually replaced by the delight of the holidays. As we reminisce about sweet Christmas memories, Coldplay’s song comforts and reassures us that we can find happiness even on our gloomiest days.

5. Santa’s Coming for Us by Sia

A catchy and uptempo song, Santa’s Coming for Us by Sia embodies the joy and excitement that we feel while counting down the days before Christmas finally arrives.

6. That’s Christmas to Me by Pentatonix

Another one of Pentatonix’s original soundtracks, That’s Christmas to Me touches our hearts with the acapella group’s enchanting harmonies.

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7. Winter Things by Ariana Grande

Wrapping up Ariana Grande’s Christmas EP, Christmas & Chill, the album’s final song paints a vision of all the Winter Things she could have enjoyed in an “ice-cold holiday” like ice skating, and building snowmen. 

8. The Lighthouse Keeper by Sam Smith

The Lighthouse Keeper gives us the chills with Sam Smith’s exceptional vocals, soothing instrumentals, and captivating lyrics: “I will be your Lighthouse keeper bring you safely home to me.” Beautiful, isn’t it?

9. All I Want (For Christmas) by Liam Payne

Former One Direction member Liam Payne’s first-ever solo Christmas song, All I Want (For Christmas) makes us feel all warm and cozy on a chilly night. Let this piano-driven ballad be an anthem to rekindle relationships and romance over the holidays. 

10. Christmas Moments by Jose Mari Chan ft. Michael Philip Chan, Jose Antonio Chan, Liza Chan-Parpan, and Franco Chan

A true Pinoy holiday playlist can’t exist without Jose Mari Chan! We often hear the songs Christmas in our Hearts, and A Perfect Christmas echoing in every department store during the holidays, but have you ever sang along to Christmas Moments? Featuring the harmonious voices of Jose Mari Chan and his children, the song allows us to relive the nostalgic times we used to spend with our own families every yuletide season.


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