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8 Types of Coffee Machines and How to Choose the Right One for You

Coffee lovers, take note!
8 Types of Coffee Machines and How to Choose the Right One for You
IMAGE Shutterstock, De Longhi, Bialetti
Coffee lovers, take note!

So you’ve formed a coffee addiction and want to do the responsible (and economical) thing of making coffee at home? Great, because you’ve come to the right place! There’s a world of coffee makers out there, so we’re here to make it feel less overwhelming. Much like a pair of sneakers or a brand new lippie, there’s a perfect match for everyone. What’s important is to narrow down the factors you’re looking for—is it speediness, price, or even aesthetic appearance? Keep these in mind as you search away.

Here’s a quick run-down of the most popular types of coffee makers and what they’re best for:  

1. French Press

A French Press is a pretty straight-to-the-point coffee maker, with possibly the simplest mechanism among all choices. To make a cup, you need to scoop in the beans, pour in hot water, and wait until it’s ready—almost like making tea. The best part comes at the end when you press the plunger in, leaving you with the beans at the bottom and your hot coffee on top. 


Upphetta, P390, IKEA,

2. Vietnamese Coffee Maker

A Vietnamese Coffee Maker is called a “phin,” and is a simple four-part device. You place it on top of your mug, scoop grounds in, pour hot water, and wait for your coffee to drip. Although the term “Vietnamese Coffee” is synonymous to that sweet, milky drink, that’s only because it’s traditionally mixed with condensed milk. This machine can make your regular bitter brew, which you can then sweeten as you please. 

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Dolity Vietnamese Coffee Maker, P720, Lazada 

3. AeroPress

This little contraption doesn’t even look like a coffee maker at first glance with its structure and shape, but that's precisely why it's the right choice for travelers and those constantly on the go. The AeroPress is a four-part device that makes coffee by way of a plunger. You place it on top of your mug, put in your grinds, pour hot water, and let it steep, then slowly press the plunger down and let your coffee flow. 


Original AeroPress Coffee Maker with 350 Pieces of Filters, P2099, Lazada

4. Moka Pot

Take it from the famous Italian chefs of social media—a Moka pot is the best way for a good old-fashioned cup. It’s an eight-sided metal pot with chambers inside for the grinds and coffee. You scoop your ground beans into the base, place the Moka Pot atop your stove, turn on the fire, and wait for your glorious coffee to bubble up. If you love the rich taste of espresso, but don’t want to commit to an electrical machine, try this beloved device. 



PHOTO BY Bialietti

Bialetti Moka Express Moka Pot, P2100 BIALETTI, Lazada

5. Drip Coffee Maker

Think of the diner scenes in any ‘80s movie and that old school coffee maker will surely make an appearance. It’s that round glass carafe attached to a bulky machine, pouring out volumes of coffee for serving. That’s the good, old-fashioned Drip Coffee Maker, and it’s still well-loved until today. The machine is pretty easy to maneuver: just pour in water into the reservoir and ground coffee into the filter. It’s perfect if you’re a frequent entertainer or can consume inordinate amounts of coffee (we don’t judge), since it can make a big batch. 




Tefal Delfini Mini Coffee Maker Cm312D, P2995, TEFAL, True Value

6. Siphon Coffee Maker

If you’ve ever walked into a third wave coffee shop and spotted glassware that looks straight out of a science experiment, then you’ve probably seen Siphon Coffee Makers. They make a brew through a “vacuum” method where you pour hot water into the bottom beaker, let it rise up to the top, mix in your grinds, and let it pour back down. It’s a relatively complicated mechanism compared to the rest, but makes for great theatrics when you’re feeling a little “extra.”  




Hario Siphon Coffee Maker, P4500, HARIO,

7. Espresso Machine 

If you’re really looking to put your barista hat on, get yourself an espresso maker. It’s a multi-part machine that lets you make an espresso shot by scooping and pressing in ground beans into what’s called a “portafilter,” and buckling it into the maker. The best part is that most machines come with a milk frother attached, letting you make lattes, cappuccinos, and many other classic coffee drinks.



PHOTO BY De Longhi

DeLonghi Dedica EC785, P20,800, DE LONGHI,

8. Single-Capsule Coffee Maker

The single-capsule coffee craze has been up and at it for years, and it’s easy to understand why. The machine lets you make a cup with a click of a button, and with a super short wait time. It also allows for a little adventure too with its wide range of brews that you can try through the selection of capsules. You can also search for reusable pods, an environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing and disposing capsules.



PHOTO BY Nespresso

Essenza Mini, P8500, NESPRESSO,


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