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8 Commandments of Online Shopping in the New Normal

Love shopping online? Take note of these tips.
8 Commandments of Online Shopping in the New Normal
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Love shopping online? Take note of these tips.

Add to cart. These three words seem to be everyone’s go-to mantra for stress relief. Though, we all have different ways to cope with the times, we can’t deny that shopping can easily boost your mood. Plus, who doesn’t relish in the convenience of things being delivered right at your doorstep? 

However, the digital world gives quite a contrasting experience to traditional malling or shopping. When shopping online, you can no longer sort through racks, you can’t try on the clothes, and you cannot always pay via cash. But given that digital shopping is the new normal, we’ve listed down some safety tips and tricks so you can fully maximize and enjoy your shopping experience. 

1. Pick a credible platform.

Although it’s good to discover new stores, shopping through a trustworthy brand is just as important. Always keep in mind that you’d want to purchase your items from a platform that can guarantee you product authenticity, shipping, and information security. 

2. Check the size chart.

A trip to the fitting room is always a must when shopping but since we currently don’t have that opportunity, referring to the brand’s size chart should be your new SOP. Remember that each brand has a different sizing system so you better whip out your measuring tape to get exact numbers and compare.


3. Take time to read reviews.

There are a handful of shopping platforms which provide a section for product reviews. Supposing that you’re on such a site, reading customer reviews will be your new best friend. No one can evaluate a product’s quality better than previous buyers themselves. Take the time to scroll down and read. Who knows, you might even learn some tips from old buyers' purchase history!

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4. Review the return policies.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had our fair share of shopping fails—may it be a regret-filled impulsive buy or those purchases that just don’t fit right no matter how many times you measured. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But with brands tightening their safety measures more due to the pandemic, it’s good practice to keep yourself informed of their current return policies before buying anything. You wouldn’t want to store something in your closet that you no longer want to wear, right?

5. Utilize discount codes and promos.

Who doesn’t love a good discount? There’s a giddy feeling that we get when purchasing quality items with a marked down price. So, like any clever shopper, be wary of discounts that can come your way. Keep your eyes peeled for deals on their social media platforms, online flash sales, and newsletter subscription promos! 


6. Don't overshare personal information.

Once you’ve found your picks, it’s time to add your personal information. From the basics like your name and address to maybe your credit card number, you should know that brands do not need to know much about you to be able to ship your product. Hence, do not overshare. If you think they’re asking for too much, go back to number one, and make sure that they’re credible.


Oh, and a word of caution: Online phishing is real. To avoid getting scammed when online shopping, look out for the presence of a lock symbol and https at the beginning of the site URL. This means that the website has a security lock layer that ensures the safe and secure transmission of credit card numbers and passwords. It’s also a good practice to never save your credit card information on your browser.

7. Double check your cart.

It never hurt anybody to double check. Keep in mind that we’re still spending hard earned money, thus, it’s only right that we’ve nailed it to the last detail. See if you have correctly input your desired quantity, colour, size, design, address, and payment methods before heading to checkout.


8. Disinfect your packages.

A burning question that all shoppers ask: Is it really safe to shop during this pandemic? Well, according to Dr. Gabriela Andujar Vazquez, an infectious disease physician, it is highly unlikely that the virus can survive on its way to our homes. Nonetheless, we’re still highly encouraged to take proper precautionary measures to ensure utmost safety. You can practice that by disinfecting your packages first, and washing your clothes before wearing them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! 


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