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Here's Why It's Important to Book a Good Sound System for Your Wedding

Make sure you keep these in mind.
Here's Why It's Important to Book a Good Sound System for Your Wedding
Make sure you keep these in mind.

A good sound system isn’t exactly on a bride-to-be’s immediate checklist. More often than not, they’re too busy fussing over their dress, catering, the guest list, or literally anything else, that they end up banking on whatever their reception venue can offer. And yes, it may seem inconsequential at first when you have a million other things to worry about, but according to veteran wedding emcees Atom Ungson and Eri Neeman, disregarding sound quality, especially for the reception, remains an unsuspecting mistake for every bride.

“Bad sound makes guests inattentive and it makes guests uncomfortable and uneasy. As a result, guests tend to chat and not pay attention to people delivering messages. Worst effect is that some guests choose to leave earlier than planned since they’re unable to appreciate what’s going on anyway,” Atom explains on a detailed Facebook post regarding the topic. “With good sound, guests can talk and still be able to passively hear what is being said. Messages from couples’ loved ones who prepared their messages for everyone to hear are better appreciated and applauded.”


Important Things to Keep in Mind

Below are three things to remember when searching for a good sound system, according to seasoned wedding hosts Atom and Eri.

1. Your wedding is not a concert.

Your guests didn’t come to your wedding to party and rave all night, hence, a different setup is required for events where you actually want to hear each other.  That being said, avoid hiring a full-frontal system made for concerts and small venues, and make sure to get a surround system instead. According to Atom, “For events like weddings in big venues and with over 200 guests, a surround sound setup is best so that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the venue and everyone is in a position to hear everything clearly.”

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2. Make sure your sound guys have your best interest at hand.

“Hire a sound system company who will put your interest first, being the client, and will want nothing but the best for your big day,” Atom writes. After all, all it takes is one mess-up from a careless sound operator to ruin your wedding’s most important moments, whether they miss a cue, or cause an accident. To avoid the unnecessary stress on your special day, hire a good company with ensured professional stage-hands who are actually aware of—and pay attention to—the flow of your reception. 

3. Always do your research, especially if it’s free.

Wedding emcee, Eri Neeman, also reiterates the importance of hiring a competent sound system supplier.  “If people can’t hear what’s going on, then everything get affected. If the music isn’t played at the right moment when it’s supposed to be, then the moment is gone,” he says in a video. His tip to make sure you get only the best wedding experience? Don’t mindlessly settle for a hotel or venue’s sound system just because it’s free. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them the chance, though. According to Eri, it’s smart to do you research first. “Always ask questions. Ask former couples who’ve worked with that supplier to see if they’re good enough and if they encountered any problems.”


Learn more and watch Eri's full video, below!

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