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5 TikTok Accounts to Follow For Organizing and Cleaning Your Space

Their tips will help you get your life together!
5 TikTok Accounts to Follow For Organizing and Cleaning Your Space
Their tips will help you get your life together!

With everything going on in the world right now—like the pandemic and lockdown, it might be the last thing on everyone's minds to clean and get organized. Or you may simply find cleaning and organizing a tiring chore that just isn't a fun activity. Thankfully, with the power of TikTok, these kinds of activties can be a creative process! They say that organization is a form of therapy, so why not learn from these TikTok accounts and get started on cleaning your space?

Here are TikTok accounts about cleaning and organizing that will inspire you to get your life together: 

Pantry/ food cabinet organization - @organizingspacesbykim

If you're looking for mostly food-related organizational tips, then this is the account to check out. Apart from food, you'll also find some general storage advice to help you keep your space in order. 

Fixing your notes - @studylahh

Taking notes and studying can be a fun, stress-free activity if they're neatly fixed! In this accoumt, you'll find a breadth of note-taking and note arrranging tips that will surely guide you in studying. 


Tidying your closet - @buildandcreatehome

Cleaning and tidying up one's closet can be a tedious process, but it will definitely change your life for the better. This account will give you room organization tips, as well as helpful content about D.I.Y. tricks and even basics about woodworking.

Bathroom cleaning - @cleanwithnessa

This account is handy for those who are in need of cleaning tips and ASMR. Learn how to organize what's under your bathroom sink or how to properly (and creatively) clean your shower. 


Arranging art and school supplies - @keep_it_organized

Whether you write, draw, or paint, your various hobby supplies need some tending to as well. If that's the kind of thing you're looking for, check out this video on how to neatly arrange your art supplies. This account also has a lot of content on kitchen organization, too. 

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