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This Website Will Pay You to Read and Review a Book

Earn a little extra from your hobby.
This Website Will Pay You to Read and Review a Book
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Earn a little extra from your hobby.

Quarantine gave many of us some extra time finally pursue things we didn't have time for before. Many finally got to launch their dream businesses, others started passion projects, while some took on extra side hustles for additional income. Some of us simply picked up old and new hobbies, like finally getting into K-dramas or reading more books. 

If you're someone who's a certified bookworm and wants to earn a little from your hobby, be on the lookout for online stints that match your specialty. Here's one recommended by YouTuber Mimi Luarca: a website that pays you for reviewing a book.

A website called Booklist is regularly in search of people to review books. As part of the American Library Association, Booklist releases reviews to guide school and public library workers in buying and suggesting books. 

Who can apply?

A library degree is not required to apply as a reviewer, you just have to be familiar with books and libraries to be considered. It is also expected that interested applicants must be timely with meeting deadlines and know that plagiarism is a huge no-no. Applicants are also encouraged to be as specific as possible when stating their book preferences and areas of expertise so they can match you with books that are to your liking.


How much does it pay?

According to Booklist's website, they pay $15 per review (that's roughly P715) once it is published in their magazine or online. Do note, however, that there is also a corresponding fee of $5 for every time you reject a book. 

How can I apply?

If you're interested to send in an application, you can fill out the Booklist Reviewer Application, which you'll find on their website. Through the application, you will be asked for your book preferences as well. Once you submit your application, a Booklist editor will get in touch with you to discuss if you're the right fit for any of their openings.

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