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This is Where You'll Find the Breathtaking Beach from Descendants of the Sun

It's in Greece!
This is Where You'll Find the Breathtaking Beach from Descendants of the Sun It's in Greece!

Talk about Greece and the first place that will come to mind will definitely be Santorini. But aside from the famous tourist village in the Aegean sea, plus the food and architectural sites, no talk of the country would be complete without the mention of their pristine beaches. 

One of their most beautiful hidden treasures? The Navagio Beach. Does it look familiar? If you have seen the hit Korean series Descendants of the Sun, then we're glad to tell you that the romantic place in the acclaimed drama actually exists. Whether you're a fan or not, this is a paradise you'll want to add to your bucket list. 


Located in the north-west area of the isolated but utterly beautiful island of Zakynthos is a cove where the sand is white and the sea is crystal clear. The Navagio Beach or "The Shipwreck" is one of the most photographed beaches in Greece.

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The strip of beach is accessed only by boat. How fun! But it is also a marvelous site to see if you stand on any of the cliffs overlooking the cove. 

Aside from the natural beauty of the secluded area defined by limestone cliffs, the powdery sand and clear blue water, it is a certified tourist attraction thanks to a mysterious shipwreck. In 1981, the Panagiotis ship that was allegedly carrying smuggled cigarettes, wine, and women was washed away to the shore by a storm. The abandoned ship now rests in the sandy dunes of the cove for thousands of visitors to see. 


Thanks to Descendants of the Sun, the paradise has solidified its status as a must-see in Greece. Korean and Chinese tourists are reportedly flocking to the beach that played a huge part in the love story of Captain Yoo Shi-jin and Dr. Kang Mo-yeon. 


Question is, will Filipino fans follow suit? 

Images from @kyo1122  and @lim_hyoseon on Instagram; Matteo Colombo, Nick Brundle, David Tomlinson all from Getty. 

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