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This Is What It's Like to Fly First Class

They give you the ultimate VIP treatment.
This Is What It's Like to Fly First Class
They give you the ultimate VIP treatment.

Booking a flight can be really expensive. Either you're going to a neighboring country or traveling across the world, there's no denying that a flight still punches a hole in your pocket. This is probably why first class flight experiences are so heavily-searched on YouTube, take Caisey Neistat's for example. His video about his first class flight with Emirates has over 22 million views. And we fully understand why. The world wants to know what it's like to be on the other end of the economy flight struggle spectrum.

Of course, in reality, these first class flights cost a fortune. Booking first class on a major airline can cost you as much as $20,000! The extra legroom and better food may or may not be worth this kind of splurge, but we'd still kill to try it at least once. Watch the videos below to experience these luxurious flights without cashing out!


1. Singapore Airlines

A spacious seat, a large flat bed, and the option to reserve your main course–that's what awaits you in a first class flight at Singapore Airlines. You won't even feel like you left home!

2. Cathay Pacific

They call the first class seats at Cathay as First Class Suites, and if that doesn't already make you feel the level of luxury it entails, then their first class lounge and amazing amenities should do the trick for you.

3. Emirates

You might not believe this, but Emirates lets its first class passengers shower in the plane. They also give them a personal bar and a comfy convertible bed!

Who knows, you might get lucky and be upgraded to these seats on your next flight!

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