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This Is How Jasmine Curtis Struggled with Body Shaming to Get Where She Is Today

It’s been tough to deal with, but she’s stronger now because of it.
This Is How Jasmine Curtis Struggled with Body Shaming to Get Where She Is Today

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith may be an award-winning actress, model, and a voice for millennials but she, too, has her share of insecurities and bullies. Nonetheless, she continues to use her celebrity status to spread love and positivity. Here’s how she manages to overcome the hate:

  1. She understands that not many people may know about eating disorders.

After Jasmine posted a photo of herself showing visible weight loss, some people took it too far by saying that she looked anorexic. Jasmine, in an interview with GMA’s Balitanghali, warned people to be more cautious of their words. “For me, I personally know people who struggled with anorexia, so I hope people know to be more careful before they speak.” Instead of lashing out, Jasmine made the conscious decision to educate them about eating disorders.

  1. She stays positive.

Jasmine took to the comments section of her post to explain, in a very light and positive tone, why she may have lost the weight. “There’s nothing to worry about,” she wrote back, adding that she’s doing more physical activities and eating clean (which may explain why she looks thinner). Jasmine knew better than to attack anyone on social media.

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  1. She listens to her body.

Apart from educating the public on eating disorders, Jasmine told that she even consulted a doctor to make sure that her body is healthy. She was advised to listen to her body and focus on how she feels, and following that guidance, she has since prioritized her body and its needs over what other people think about it on social media.

  1. She ignores the haters.

Having learned how to tune out her haters, Jasmine told, “It was only actually earlier this year that I felt like, maybe when you stop caring about what everyone says, then the true progress will happen.” While she says that she ignores the haters, she admits that there’s a small part of her that still cares. “It’s more of shading that noise away so that you can concentrate on yourself.”

  1. She focuses on her happiness.

Jasmine overcomes the hate with the help of a book she recently read called The Power of Habit. The book has helped her “mind her own business” and focus solely on her happiness. She shares that whenever she does something good, she’s not afraid to reward herself with food, even if others say that that will make her gain weight.

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith feels highly policed when it comes to her body, but she doesn’t let the haters get to her. Despite her insecurities, Jasmine is stronger now because she has faced the haters head-on with nothing but positivity and love. There’s only more happiness up ahead for this young star.

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