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This Filipina Wants to Inspire More People to Continue Supporting Our Frontliners

There are so many easy ways to help, too.
This Filipina Wants to Inspire More People to Continue Supporting Our Frontliners

As we continue to navigate life during a pandemic, our instincts tell us to protect ourselves and the ones we love. But what happens when your loved one has a duty to serve those in need?

Take it from Faith Hermo who has witnessed the plight of frontliners through her husband, Dr. Karlo Hermo, an Emergency Medicine Consultant, as well as other friends and relatives in the medical field. We spoke with Faith about what it’s like to personally know these frontliners, and how she wants to support them in any way she can.

On Being Married to a Frontliner

Faith and her husband have been together for eight years and married for a year. She is no stranger to the challenges faced by doctors every day, but the pandemic has made these obstacles more profound. She reveals, “I would hear stories like he (Karlo) and his colleagues pooling money together to pay for patients’ bills. Being on 24-, 36-, and 48-hour shifts is also the norm in their profession. They are used to the physical toll. But when this pandemic hit, the stress and pressure [grew to] be too great.”

When her husband is off duty, Faith makes sure they take time to recharge and get in touch with their loved ones. “My husband and I try our best to take it one day at a time, one [shift] duty at a time. We set clear boundaries and take time off work to unwind to do the things we love, cook special meals on the weekends, binge-watch shows and movies, and once a month, we go out to eat and have a special date night. We make sure to touch base with our families and friends regularly,” she shares.

On Giving Back to Our Modern Heroes

Just like any concerned citizen, Faith was eager to help those in need and show support for medical frontliners especially during the earlier months of lockdown. She even hosted a birthday fundraiser last April and welcomed donations from different kind-hearted individuals. However, efforts waned over time. Faith says, “Many have started to hold on tighter to their wallets and have refocused their attention on themselves and their families, which is completely understandable.” But Faith continues to worry about the frontliners who work tirelessly to fight the pandemic. “I began asking myself, ‘Is anyone else still looking out for them?’”

It felt like a sign from the universe when Faith received a text message from Globe Platinum. She learned about the Thank A Hero project, a heartwarming campaign that lets Globe Platinum subscribers send personalized gifts to frontliners in just a few taps. Faith relayed the message to her friends and it somehow restored her faith in humanity.

Since medical frontliners are close to her heart, Faith decided to send them gifts through the Thank A Hero project. She clicked the link provided in Globe Platinum’s text message, which led her to a chat with Thea, Globe Platinum’s virtual assistant, who helped arrange the gift-giving on her behalf.

Faith chose the hospital staff at Veterans Memorial Medical Center from a selection of beneficiaries then picked cookies from The Cookie Bar (a local brand she personally loves!) as her gift for them. She was even able to write a personal message of encouragement for those who would receive the gifts. After confirming the details of her gift, Globe Platinum took care of the rest and gave her an update when the hospital staff finally received the special surprise.

“I’m really grateful to Globe Platinum for making it so easy for subscribers like me to help those in need. This is definitely such a convenient option for individuals who may not have the time to do hands-on volunteer work, or may not have an idea where to start. Plus, it’s all digital so it’s very much safe even in these times,” says Faith.

Even Faith’s husband, Karlo, found it uplifting to receive similar gifts that make frontliners like him feel appreciated for the hardwork and sacrifice they’ve been putting in every day. She concludes, “We hope to inspire more people especially those who are fighting hard on the frontline to beat the virus. Let’s show our frontliners they are not and never will be forgotten.”

As of writing, Globe Platinum's Thank A Hero project has given 1,900 gifts to different partner beneficiaries which include hospitals like Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Philippine Children's Medical Center, Pasig City General Hospital, Rosario Maclang Bautista General Hospital, Pasay City General Hospital, Quirino Memorial Medical Center, and San Juan Medical Center as well as four PNP headquarters within NCR and 12 Puregold Price Club branches.

You can still take part in the Thank A Hero project as it will run until the end of the year.

For more details, visit Globe Platinum's Thank A Hero website or follow Globe on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Globe Platinum.