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This Fast Food Chain is Making It So Easy to Be Healthy

Admittedly one of our favorite dining spots.
This Fast Food Chain is Making It So Easy to Be Healthy Admittedly one of our favorite dining spots.

Breaking the idea that fast food is bad for you is the leading salad bar in Asia, SaladStop! More than just a dining establishment, SaladStop! is a movement that believes it's a basic human right to eat well. Because of this, the team strives to offer us options that are so good, both your taste buds and your tummy will be happy. Yesterday, at the opening of their 7th branch in Burgos Circle, while we were happily treating our bodies to a clean meal, it dawned upon us that eating healthy has never been so easy.

Below are five reasons why SaladStop! is the bomb.

1. SaladStop! has changed the way we view the concept of fast food.

With its quick service salad-bar concept, suddenly it’s so easy to be healthy! Your order is ready by the time you reach the counter and you can customize it however you want.

One of our faves: Oh Crab Lah!


2. It doesn’t taste healthy.

Unless you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or a certified organic freak, we’re sure you know the feeling of having been offered a “healthy” dish or meal and ended up loathing it because of the small portion, sad composition, and more importantly, bland taste. Coming from a foodie’s point of view, SaladStop! offers choices that we pinky promise taste ridiculously good. Guys, they have over 60 fresh toppings to choose from with 18 home-made dressings to match. You get the crunch, the beautiful colors, and all the healthy goodness that comes with it.  It can’t get any better than that.

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If you’re really hungry, try their wraps. (@saladstop)

3. It’s super filling.

We’ve been used to having salads as an appetizer, so it’s only natural to feel like having a bowl of greens isn't filling enough to be considered a meal. At SaladStop!, the servings are generous, making it worth every buck. To be honest, half a wrap can already make you feel full, so it's great for sharing. Thing is, it’s so good, you probably won't be able to stop yourself from finishing it. 


They have two new smoothie flavors: the Berry Grape-ful and Yellow Mellow.

4. They have a fantastic menu!

They have it all from salads, wraps, cookies, chips, chia pudding, and smoothies! Basically, they have you covered from breakfast to midnight snack. The best part? 95% of the ingredients are locally sourced, so purchasing from them is a way to help our local farmers.  A few of our personal faves are the Oh Crab Lah!, Iron “Wo” Man, and Tuna San.


What breakfast looks like. (@saladstop)

5. It's approved by nutritionists.

You’ll be shocked to know that although there are a bunch of healthy dining places popping up like mushrooms in Manila, a handful of them are actually not approved by nutritionists. Not only is SaladStop! recommended by celebrity nutritionist, Nadine Tengco; they also have an in-house nutritionist that makes sure they only serve the best for you and your body.

Want better news? Southern peeps, they’re opening in Alabang real soon!

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