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This Car is Perfect for the Modern Gal

Fit for a stylish road trip!
This Car is Perfect for the Modern Gal Fit for a stylish road trip!


The Nissan Juke is a 1.6L gasoline powered subcompact SUV with CVT transmission. CVT is a type of automatic transmission that's engineered to deliver a smoother driving experience and yield better fuel economy. The car can sit a maximum of five persons.

IMAGE Justin Rivera

How we used it

To get a real feel of the Nissan Juke in different situations, environments, and conditions, we took it for a spin from Manila to Batangas then back to Manila.



The interiors carry the same circular styling of the outside, from the middle console and dashboard to the doorknobs. Seats were comfortable and being able to raise or lower the seat height was a much-appreciated feature especially when you come in at the shorter end of the driver’s spectrum.

Entertainment features are what you’d expect from the current line of cars—Bluetooth and auxiliary cable are Spotify/road-trip playlist ready. The button selections were located on the steering wheel rather than on the console itself. It isn’t intuitive for a first time user; but it makes a lot of sense once you are on the road because it allows you to navigate through the driving modes and shift through music without having to reach out and take your hand off the steering wheel for a prolonged period of time and keep you driving safely.


IMAGE Justin Rivera

Cup holders good for two drinks are also provided in the center console, as well as an extra container for coins, mobile phones, or lipstick (but don't swipe while driving!).

Cabin Space

The best thing I liked about this car in terms of space is being able to fold the back seats easily with a flick of a finger. Once you’ve made more room, it’s easy to place luggage for two and dress garments inside, which completely eliminates the worry of having creased clothes.

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For adventure-seekers like me who frequently takes surf and bike trips, a rack can be fitted on the top and a tow hitch installed at the rear. If not, a 6’8” fun board fits inside the car provided no one is on the passenger seat and half of the back seats is folded. On the other hand, a single mountain bike can be positioned on the back when the back seats are stowed. 

Nissah Philippines


IMAGE Justin Rivera


It’s a simple drive. Unlike most sports cars with multiple performances and set-up options, the Juke is really simple. Put the car in Drive and you’re off! No paddle shifters to think about, no shifting from D to 3. And in today’s hectic traffic, simple is good!

The Juke has three driving modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport. I found the last as my favorite. The Sport mode is not intimidating at all. Don’t expect to be thrown back into your seat when you floor the pedal though. It provides enough power to get you ahead of traffic when you need to. Best of all, it downshifts when you step on the brakes to keep your revs at optimal levels for when you want to step on the gas again. However, the Eco mode is still recommended when cruising the all-too-familiar bumper to bumper Manila traffic to save on fuel.


The Juke offers a very plush but supported ride. The suspension has great initial small bump compliance to float over those dreaded C5 truck lane potholes. And yet, it doesn’t feel like it wallows or rolls from side to side as you turn. It gives you enough confidence to get more of the drive. Hit a hump faster than you should and it feels like a shock valve opens to allow it to soak up the harshness. Your passenger can apply mascara or line her eyes with ease.


IMAGE Justin Rivera

It’s a car with personality. Its bold curves, round edges, and pop of color are reminiscent of the cars from the Mod era. All in all, you’ll find that the Nissan Juke is a modern crossover for the young urbanite who leads an active and stylish lifestyle. 

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