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8 Things You Can Do While You’re at Home Under the ECQ

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8 Things You Can Do While You’re at Home Under the ECQ

If you’re lucky enough to be safe at home with your loved ones during the ECQ, you might be thinking about using your time to try new things. There are tons you can do to get creative and add some color to your life—whether you’re working from home or just looking for something to do. Below, we list a few ideas:

1. Be your own barista. 

Working from home means not being able to grab your usual drink at your go-to café. FYI, now’s a great time to experiment with your coffee-making skills. Why not create your own cold brew or whip up the oh-so-trendy dalgona coffee?

Nescafé Classic Instant Coffee

2. Have a baking spree.

Your friends have been posting stories of their homemade bread on IG, which makes you want to give baking a go. But since so many people are baking nowadays, your local grocery store might not have flour, yeast, or baking supplies. Instead, look for what you need on Lazada.

Magnolia All-Purpose Flour

Emperor’s Best Instant Yeast

3. Get healthy!

Complement your home workout routine with a healthy, keto-friendly diet. Stock up on your low-carb, low-calorie essentials (yes, pasta is an essential!) to reach your fitness goals.

Bodytox Co. Shirataki Rice and Noodles

4. Start some DIY projects.

Now’s the time to nurture your creativity. Put the phone down and store your laptop away, and express yourself through watercolor painting, knitting, and even woodworking. They’re easy, fun, and affordable ways to pass the time and add new decor to your room.

Dong-A Oil Pastel 24 Colors with Plastic Case

5. Organize!

Since you’re spending so much time indoors, why not reassess your wardrobe? You can get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, and figure out ways to organize the style staples you’re keeping.

Domex Multipurpose Classic Cleaner

6. Snack mindfully.

If you find yourself snacking a lot, switch to more wholesome options. Fill your pantry with foods like veggie chips and protein bars—they taste good and won’t keep you from reaching your health goals.

Founding Farmers Mixed Veggie Crisps

Founding Farmers Okra Crisps

7. Pamper yourself with a spa day.

Recreate a spa-like experience from the comforts of your room. Do a face mask, moisturize your body, and get rid of toxins so you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Olay Skinfusion Deep Sea Algae Healthy Aura Sheet Mask

St. Ives Smoothing Apricot Body Wash

8. Boost your immune system.

Get creative in the kitchen by making smoothies and juices that are powered by superfoods. The greener the smoothie, the better.

Zagana Romaine Lettuce

Zagana Saba

While being under quarantine can be overwhelming, always try to stay positive and look on the bright side—whether it’s something as small as baking your own loaf of bread or organizing your room. And take these healthy habits with you even after the pandemic has passed.

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