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4 Lessons on Self-Love We Learned from Tricia Centenera

It's also important to take care of your well-being.
4 Lessons on Self-Love We Learned from Tricia Centenera It's also important to take care of your well-being.

Celebrity or not, we've all experienced our fair share of heartbreaks. The only difference is that famous personalities are forced to deal with it under the scrutiny and gaze of the public eye. This is especially true for Tricia Centenera, who underwent a very public uncoupling with her ex-husband, Gab Valenciano. But, as with every misfortune, there's a silver lining: for Tricia, it's having the platform to share her learnings from her experience with everyone. Below, we dissected her latest blog post and harvested golden truths in the hopes that we learn the value of self-love and healing, too.

1. A lot can happen in a year.

"One of my dearest girlfriends wrote to me today: 'Three years ago today, things have changed so much but all for the better!'"

While formulating plans are encouraged to have some sort of direction in life, it's not supposed to be a rigid road to be followed. Allow yourself to experience spontaneous moments and learn to bend when plans fall through. As they say, change is inevitable. But remember that it can also lead you to greater things.


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2. Allow people to love you.

"I allowed my family, friends, and dogs to help me and love me. By accepting positivity in your life, you've taken the first crucial step to recovery."

There are many kinds of love and you shouldn't reject the rest just because your romantic relationship failed.


3. Look back.

"Yes, this man broke me; however, I didn’t let it ruin me forever."

Look back, but don't dwell. The past won't be coming back and you no longer have control of that situation. What you can do now is to reflect and figure out where you went wrong and what you must do to be better. The same goes for those who wronged you. Look back and look at them as the persons you once loved. Chances are they're also struggling and learning to live with themselves.


Tricia writes, "My ex-husband, I believe, is a good man who has just made some bad choices, but are any of you completely perfect? I can say I’ve made some pretty poor life choices, too, but I believe it’s how we bounce back and get back up that’s what’s more important. There’s nothing wrong with failing forward and he is trying his best to be the best version of himself so please let him try."


4. You do you.

"Love yourself right. Always remember your worth."

At this point in your life, it's vital that you let yourself do things that will make your heart swell. True empowerment lies in mustering courage to allow yourself to enjoy life once again. According to Tricia, it's important to "protect [your] body, mind, soul, and most importantly [your] spirit." And she did exactly all these through concrete actions: she went on self-dates, improved herself, worked on her career, and gathered the courage to try and love again. 

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