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This Is Taylor Zakhar Perez' Favorite "The Kissing Booth 2" Scene

He's a Potterhead, too!
This Is Taylor Zakhar Perez' Favorite "The Kissing Booth 2" Scene
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He's a Potterhead, too!

The long-awaited sequel to The Kissing Booth is finally out on Netflix, and this time, we're introduced to some promising newcomers in the cast— Maisie Richardson-Sellers who plays college girl Chloe and Taylor Zakhar Perez who plays Elle's new charismatic classmate Marco.

If you've finished watching the movie, then you're probably split between being Team Noah and Team Marco, because while we loved the OG love team of Elle and Noah in the first movie, Marco's charms are just as irresistable, thanks in part to the actor who played him. We're sure we're not the only ones interested to learn more about the up-and-coming actor, seeing as his Instagram followers boomed to over a million right after the movie dropped.

Curious to know more about this Hollywood newcomer? Here are a few things we learned about Taylor:

Taylor Zakhar Perez is a Potterhead.

In an interview with MTV News, Taylor shares his favorite on-screen kisses, and one of them isn't from any cheesy romantic movie, it was from the last ever installment of the Harry Potter movies. It's the scene where Ron and Hermione share a kiss in the Chamber of Secrets after trying to destroy a horcrux, which Taylor passionately explains on-cam, as any Potterhead would.


Taylor's first non-acting job was detailing cars.

The Kissing Booth 2 stars recently had an interview with Teen Vogue where they talked their firsts, and Taylor shared that his first ever non-acting job was detailing cars back when he was 10 years old.

He's never experienced going on a red carpet before.

In the same Teen Vogue interview, Taylor shares that he's never ever set foot on the red carpet before, especially since The Kissing Booth 2 is his first ever major role. Prior to The Kissing Booth 2, Taylor's made appearances in shows like Scandal, iCarly, and Cruel Intentions.

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He's got two sisters and one younger brother.

Seventeen featured Taylor in their recent Big Night In series where he shared what it was like to hang out at home, and the video featured appearances from Taylor's fam, aka his quarantine crew, specifically his two sisters and his younger brother, who look so much like him!


The Halloween party was his favorite moment.

In a YouTube video streamed by Netflix featuring the five cast members, Taylor was asked by a fan what his favorite scene from the movie was, and he shared that it was the Halloween scene! "I got to watch Joey [King] and Joel [Courtney] dance, Meganne [Young] shows up in her big marshmallow outfit," Taylor shares. Spoiler alert! It's also the scene where Marco, aka Taylor, performed onstage and had a pretty sweet moment with Elle!


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