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These Pinays Prove That Manila's Skyline Still Makes a Damn Good IG Backdrop

Even learn how to angle your photos to make them more IG-worthy, too.
These Pinays Prove That Manila's Skyline Still Makes a Damn Good IG Backdrop

When it comes to posting OOTDs on social media, one challenge you may continually be faced with is how to make your shot different from the rest. With your outfit on point, wouldn't it be a shame to let that OOTD go to waste with a less-than-stellar backdrop? These bloggers show you how it's done with the busy Manila skyline as setting:

When in doubt, shoot during golden hour—that magical time when the sun is just about to set. Fashion blogger Kryz Uy makes use of the soft light at sunset to add a natural filter to her photo.

If you want to zoom in on specific details, then check out Chelsea Robato's photo for some inspo. Take a shot from the waist up to shed the spotlight on your accessories.

Want to tower like the skyscrapers? Ask your photographer to take your photo from a low angle to make you look taller. Rhea Chong demonstrates this with the ever-so-reliable street photo.

Filters don't only enhance your appearance in a photo; they can also be used to add texture to your shot. Rhea Bue employs a vintage camera film texture to make her city skyline seem a little grittier than it actually is.

Using the roof deck as setting lets you get closer to the sky, and it makes for a better photo with all the natural light at your disposal. Just look at Gretchen Gatan's work.


Standing awkwardly on our office building’s roof deck to prove a point that I’m not THAT afraid of the sun (and to prove the point even further, I’m playing in another Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend after just coming from the Zambales beach house last weekend 😂). Anyway, one of the reasons I’m able to manage this fear is because I’ve learned to really trust the sun protection products I’ve been using—like @vaselineph’s Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection, which not only protects my skin from the sun, but even from urban aggressors like pollution—thanks to its Pollution Protection Formula! More about it on œ¨˜€ï¸ #IAmCityReady #VaselineXMakati 📷: the one and only @maaanfernandez

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