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These Filming Locations Prove That Westeros Exists in Real Life

These Filming Locations Prove That Westeros Exists in Real Life
Welcome to the realm of the Seven Kingdoms!

If you still can’t stop talking about Game of Thrones’ recently aired seventh season premiere, welcome to the club! We here at Preview HQ are also HUGE fans of the show, which goes without saying that we look forward to getting sucked into the world of Westeros during every single episode.


Being one of the most expensive shows ever made in the history of television (FYI, HBO spends over $10 million per episode), Game of Thrones naturally goes the extra mile in order to showcase each scene at its most thrilling—and when we say extra mile, trust us, we mean hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles. GoT’s big-ticket production combs through Europe and North Africa in search of the best filming locations that will give justice to the realm of the Seven Kingdoms—you can find Winterfell in Northern Ireland, King’s Landing in Croatia, Yunkai and the Slaver’s Bay in Morocco, and Dorne in Spain. So in any case you’re dreaming of visiting these locations in GoT, know that you totally can! Westeros does exist in real life, and the video below is proof.


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