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The Winning Miss Universe Answers for the Past 15 Years

We go back to 2001.
The Winning Miss Universe Answers for the Past 15 Years
IMAGE Miss Universe
We go back to 2001.

The annual Miss Universe is just a few days away! As we all anticipate the girls strutting their stuff in the most gorgeous evening gowns, most creative national costumes and sultriest bikinis, we also look to forward how they would carry themselves come the nerve-wracking question and answer portion of the competition. For now, let's take a look back at how the previous beauty queens answered the question that changed their lives. From 2001 to 2015, here are the winning Miss Universe answers:

2001: Denise M. Quiñones (Puerto Rico)

Question: "If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be and why?"

Answer: "I'm trying really to find something that I would want in the past, but I really enjoyed all my life, all the good opportunities that I've had and all those not good in that moments, but they helped me to grow.  And I have enjoyed all my life.  And I thank God for each step that He has given me. I have no regrets."


2002: Oxana Fedorova (Russia)

Question: "What makes you blush?"

Answer: "When I say the wrong things!"

2003: Amelia Vega (Dominican Republic) 

Question: "What is the most precious gift you have given to someone?"

Answer: "According to my grandma, it's a letter that I wrote for her when she was sick and she has always thanked me for it and makes me emotional always because it's not what you write, but the feelings you put behind it."

2004: Jennifer Hawkins (Australia)

Question: "What sex and time period would you choose to be born in?"

Answer: "I'd say this time period because we have as much freedom as we want and I'd choose the sex of female because females have a lot of say in today's society."

2005: Natalie Glebova (Canada)

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Question: "What the biggest challenge in her life was?"

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Answer: "It was trying to stay positive. She considers herself as the kind of person who sees the glass as half-full rather than half-empty and even though sometimes it’s difficult to look at life this way, she always tries to maintain a positive outlook on life."

2006: Zuleyka Rivera (Puerto Rico)

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Question: "What is your definition of success?"

Answer: "True satisfaction is when a human being has fulfilled their goals and realized the work they have done. Overcoming obstacles makes you strong and enables you to succeed."

2007: Riyo Mori (Japan)

Question: "What was the one lesson she learned as a child that still affects her life today?"

Answer: "I have been dancing since I was a child. I grew up among many students and teachers. I learned to always be happy, patient and positive. That is also what I want to teach the next generation. Thank you."


2008: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)

Question: "Do you believe that men or women have it easier in life and why?"

Answer: "Actually God made us to share and to have difference but the big difference between women and men (it doesn’t matter what kind of life they live) is that men think the faster way to go to a point is to go straight but women know that the faster way to go to a point is through the curves and fixing every curves."

2009: Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela)

Question: "Good evening miss Venezuela, in many part of the world obstacle still exists that impede women from achieving their goals in some corporations. What can women do to overcome this?"

Answer: "I believe that nowadays we women have overcome many obstacles…And I do believe that we have reached the same level as men have. We must realize that there are no longer any barriers amongst us."


2010: Ximena Navarrete (Mexico)

Question: "In your opinion, what effect is unsupervised Internet use having on today’s youth?"

Answer: "Well, I do believe that the Internet is an 'indispensable, necessary tool' for the present time. And we must be very careful and watch over what our children watch and see, [what] our teenagers watch and see, and we must be sure to teach the the values we learn as a family so that they may use Internet properly. Thank you."

2011: Leila Lopes (Angola)

Question: "If you could change one of your physical characteristics, which one would it be?"

Answer: "Thank God I’m very well satisfied with the way that God created me and I wouldn’t change a thing. I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty, I have my principles, I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family and I plan to follow these through the rest of my life and now I want to give all of you a piece of advice: Respect one another."


2012: Olivia Culpo (USA)

Question: “What is something you have done that you would never do again?”

Answer: “Well, first, I’d like to start off by saying that every experience no matter what it is, good or bad, you’ll learn from it. Um. That’s the name of… That’s just life. But something that I regret would probably be picking on my siblings growing up because you appreciate them so much more as you grow older. You get closer with your family but everybody fights with their siblings, right? So… But I don’t regret it!”

2013: Gabriela Isler (Venezuela)

Question: "What is your biggest fear and how do you plan to overcome it?"

Answer:  "Fear is not negative. We should overcome all our fears and this in turn would make us stronger. As soon as we overcome our fears we can face any challenge."

2014: Paulina Vega

Question: "Probably all the time, people have asked you, what can men learn from women, but I’d like to know what could women learn from men?"


Answer:  "I do believe in equality–and I believe that is what women should learn from men. We continue fighting for what we want to accomplish."

2015: Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines)

Question: "Earlier this year, there was a controversy in Philippines about the United States reopening a base in your country.  Do you think the United States should have a military presence in your country?"

Answer: "I think that the United States and the Philippines have always had a good relationship with each other. We were colonized by the Americans and we have their culture and our traditions even up to this day and I think that we're very welcoming with the Americans. And I don't see any problem with that at all."

Final question: Why should you be the next Miss Universe?

Pia: "To be a Miss Universe is both an honor and responsibility. If I were to be Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I would raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country which is the Philippines. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart. Thank you."



1969: Gloria Diaz

Question: "What would you do if a man who just came from the moon would visit your hometown?"

Answer: “Just the same things I do. I think if he's been on the moon for so long, when he comes over, he'll want a change, I guess."

1973: Margie Moran

Question: "What would you do with a million bucks?"

Answer: "A house and lot, because it's the most expensive thing and I can't afford it. So if I had a million bucks, I'd buy a house and lot and live by myself and other people, of course."

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