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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Holidays

Take from Kelly Misa, Janina Vela, KC Montero, and Marco Rodriguez
The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Holidays

The holiday rush is officially here— a lot of traffic jam not just on the road but also inside malls. There's nothing you can really do to avoid the rush, but you can always prepare for it. If you plan to do your holiday gift shopping only now, fret not—we got some impeccable suggestions for you. So before you head out to the mall, list down the people who you plan to give gifts to, and what possible items you have in mind for them. Then, shop away! 

To make things a bit easier for you, here are few gift giving tips from Model and Mommy Kelly Misa, Vlogger Janina Vela, DJ KC Montero and Weekend Chef Marco Rodriguez.


"Consider the receiver's likes, interests and personality. Matching the gift to their unique personality will ensure they get a gift they will like and use." - Kelly Misa

Clockwise from top: Tarragon Rectangular Bowl with Wooden Lid, P545; Pastel Pink Table Napkin, P29.75; John Lewis Stoneware Plate, P199.75; Thomson 16-piece Stoneware Dinner Set, P1,699.75; Multiple Choice Teapot Small, P799.75; Dinner Plate, P69.75; Peach Table Napkin, P29.75; Moroccan Mug in Pink, P49.75; John Lewis Canteen Mug, P499.75; Tramontina Carmel 16-piece Flatware set, P749.75; John Lewis light gray bowl, P149.75; Green Mug part of Thomson 16-piece Dinner Set 

"When it comes to the house gift for guys, something that always seems to work and is inexpensive is customized coasters. It's kind of fun when you're at home having some drinks to bust out the funny coasters. A knife set is also a good gift that any boyfriend would like, so when he attempts to cook you dinner and fails he wont be able to blame the cutlery. Maybe a dartboard? That always seems to go well." - KC Montero

Clockwise from top:  John Lewis Croft Arundel Pinch Pot, P2,499.75; Bicycle Throwpillow, P199.75; John Lewis Textured Chevron Steel Throwpillow, P1,999.75; John Lewis 5x7" Croft Picture Frame, P2,099.75; Terranium Sedum, P449.75; Terranium Cactus, P449.75; Metallic Wall Clock, P479.75; John Lewis Throw Blanket, P2,499.75; John Lewis Phrenology Hand, P1,699.75; Morco Balls Big, P449.75, Medium, P349.75, Small, P249.75; Cantos Decorative Plate, P999.75; Gray Carpet, P8,985

"Gifts don’t have to be expensive. You just need to know the person you’re giving the gift to and find out what makes her smile." - Janina Vela

Clockwise from top: Flowers, P399.75; Family Home Teens Comforter Full, P4,099.75; Wooden Chest, P579.75; White Picture Frame, P549.75; Cortina Knottsberry Violet Throwpillow, P999.75; Cortina Leaveland Sorbet Throwpillow, P799.75; French Basket, P399.75; Cylinder Yellow Vase, P249.75; 4-Window Photo Frame, P299.75

"Men don't really like to go shopping that much. That said, it's very important to give us something that we really need. Being observant is key. Sometimes, we won't realize we need an item until it's actually given to us. In the end though, we'll always be appreciative." - Marco Rodriguez

Clockwise from top: John Lewis Wire Pound Weave P699.75; John Lewis Arundel Marble Cheeseboard P1,699.75; Scanpan Knife (Set), P12,229.75; Trudeau 12" Peppermill in Brown, P1,499.75; Tramontina Allegra 24cm Casserole, P1,899.75; Metro Open Fry Pan, P1,249.75; Tescoma Slotted Turner, P179.75; Prestige Hand Grater, P329.75; Oneida 45-piece service for 8, P4,999.75; John Lewis Croft Arundel Pinch Pot (Part of Set), P2,499.75

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