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5 Kinds of Personal Info You Should NOT Share on Social Media

Keep these things to yourself, please!
5 Kinds of Personal Info You Should NOT Share on Social Media Keep these things to yourself, please!

Yesterday, we gave you a list of what NOT to share on social media, from racy photos to personal opinions. However, one other bullet point we’d like to stress on is the importance of keeping some things private. And by that, we mean your personal information that should be filed and kept to oneself.

Even has recently talked about why you shouldn’t be posting photos of your boarding pass as a #humblebrag since it gives away vital information that could be used to put you in harm’s way. Adding more items to that list, we give you a roundup of other things that should not be posted on your social media accounts. Like, EVER.


1. Your passport, license, and other IDs

Posting a photo of any form of personal identification, be it your birth certificate, your driver’s license, or your company ID, increases the risk of identity theft. It’s easy for a troll to pretend to be you on Facebook, just imagine what they can do when they get hold of such vital information.  You wouldn’t want to be liable for something you didn’t even do, would you?

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2. Credit cards

If you think blurring out some parts makes it safe for you to post your credit card, think again. NOTHING IS SAFE TO POST. Even if you try to blur out the last four digits of your credit card, the math behind Luhn’s Algorithm would decrease the margins by a but, leaving those brainy devious minds to crack the code.


3. Bills

Aside from the obvious fact that they hold key information about you, posting your monetary transactions online simply shouldn't be done by a person with common sense. Who cares if you’re ballin’, or worse, if you’re broke?

4. Your car’s plate number

You probably think it’s harmless since your license plate is already exposed while driving around the metro. But here's why you should at least blur it out (or not post it at all). A lot can be revealed about a person through their license tag. There are many (both legal and illegal) ways to get their full name, address, registration history and such just by having access to it. Paranoid much, you ask? Well, better safe than sorry.


5. Medical exam results and medical prescriptions

Laboratory reports are highly confidential. This is precisely why results aren’t just released to anybody. Do you seriously want the world to know what meds you’re on? If you want to tell your friends about a specific condition, do it in the comfort of your own privacy. Sharing it online is just TMI.


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