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The Perks of Being a Disney Princess According to Lea Salonga

She never has to line up for anything!
The Perks of Being a Disney Princess According to Lea Salonga She never has to line up for anything!

After Japanese LifeWear brand, Uniqlo, introduced Lea Salonga and BJ Pascual as their newest brand ambassadors at the SM Mega Fashion Hall yesterday, we got a chance to catch up with Preview’s October 2015 cover girl.

We talked about beauty and how apparently, the reason her skin is so fair is because she loathes the sun and would do anything to stay away from it. And about fashion, where she revealed that the one clothing item she has the most in her closet are button-downs. The highlight of the talk though would have to be the secrets she shared about being a Disney princess. It’s a known fact that she was the voice of not just one, but two of the most popular Disney princesses, Princess Jasmine and Mulan. But what we’ve been dying to know was if there were any special perks of having the occupation we've all dreamt of having as little girls. 

1. “I get to go to Disney Land for free.”

Via the special cards issued for her, Lea gets a free-pass to Disney Land theme parks across the globe, except the one in Japan. “I get to bring three other people with me. I just need to call [Disney] first and plan. Then I just go there with the cards.”


2. “I never have to fall in line.”

Imagine a whole day in the happiest place in the world, sans the hours of wasted time lining up. So jealous!

3. "I become an instant celebrity.”

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“When a four year-old girl meets you and introduce yourself as that Disney princess. You become an instant celebrity. That look they give you is priceless.” 

Photos from @msleasalonga on Instagram. Main image Princess Jasmine illustration by EJRArts, collage by Charles Rodulfo.  

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