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Filipino Food Is Becoming More Popular in the US, Says The New York Times

Are you Team Adobo or Team Sinigang?
Filipino Food Is Becoming More Popular in the US, Says The New York Times
Are you Team Adobo or Team Sinigang?

Food rests at the heart of Filipino culture. We all grew up with basically the same recipes, and everyone knows adobo and sinigang all too well. Our love for food unites us, and it's probably why even foreigners can't help but take a peek at what’s on our plates.


The most recent proof? The New York Times' newest piece about our local cuisine. Accordingly, Filipino dishes have gained more recognition outside of Filipino communities. Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. now have restaurants with our grub as the star, gaining stellar reviews from locals.

From there, writer Ligaya Mishan proceeds to talk about the many staples of our cuisine, which obviously includes our array of unique seasonings. "If bagoong is the salt, suka is the sour lifeblood of the cuisine," she notes, and we can't find it in ourselves to disagree.

The never-ending spar of adobo and sinigang as our representative dish is also in the story, because even overseas the battle does not want to be settled. And it probably never will. She does, however, echo something even we also firmly believe in: "There are nearly as many manifestations of adobo as there are Filipinos."

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In the same piece, Ligaya also wrote introductions to lumpia, dinuguan, kare-kare, and even our kakanin that were poised to give context to why Filipino food is what it is. It touches on the years of colonization that gave rise to the leche flan and sans rival, for example, among the many dishes that we made our own.


Overall, the entire piece is a refreshing, non-exoticizing take on an important part of our culture, leading us to hope that Filipino cuisine will have even brighter days ahead in the international scene.

Read the full story on The New York Times website here.

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