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The Most Common IG Posts We See During Summer

Let's not even get started with the ice cream cones.
The Most Common IG Posts We See During Summer Let's not even get started with the ice cream cones.

You know what they say nowadays—it didn’t happen unless it’s on Instagram! If we’re to assume that this is true (and we all know it is), then it only takes common sense to figure out the things we’re bound to see on our feed over and over again this summer. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the most common IG posts we’ll surely encounter at least once or twice this season.

1. The Beach


You do know the beach is almost always synonymous to summer, don’t you? So, yeah, let’s start with the obvious.

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2. Giant Pool Floats



We've told you a dozen times now, it’s officially the most Instagrammable summer accessory.

3. Floating in Water


By Instagram standards, it’s the closest thing to having an inflatable pool toy.

4. Bikini Bods


We know you didn’t regularly hit the gym for nothing. Summer’s your time to shine! So if you have it, go ahead and flaunt it.

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5. Coconut


This IG-worthy beverage’s time under the spotlight won’t be over anytime soon, especially not during the peak of summer.

6. Hotdog Legs


The key to nailing this shot is that you have to be showcasing a great view in your photo. We mean, other than your legs, obviously.


7. Ice Cream Cone


With it comes a caption that says “beating the summer heat.” Or something along those lines.

8. Surfing


A.k.a. the cool new water sport!

9. Current Read


Plus points if you’re reading it by the pool or while sunbathing at the beach!

10. Sunset


More often than not, this sunset photo also comes with a #deep caption. That, or a quote pulled from a Nicholas Sparks novel.

11. View from the Top



Because it’s vacation season and someone’s just always “off to somewhere!”

12. Sexy Back


We all have that one friend who has already done this pose. Hashtag #soulsearching.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and share with us the most common summer Instagram posts you’ve encountered lately.

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