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The Complete Transcript of the Miss Universe 2023 Q&A

Miss Nicaragua's answer helped her cinch the crown!
The Complete Transcript of the Miss Universe 2023 Q&A
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Miss Nicaragua's answer helped her cinch the crown!

All eyes are on the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. And while contestants dazzled in their swimsuits and evening gowns, the Q&A portion is a crucial highlight of the competition—and can edge them closer towards the crown.

The finalists had the opportunity to share their thoughts by answering the question: "If you could live one year in another woman’s shoes, who would you choose and why?"

Read the full Q&A transcript below, including Miss Nicaragua's winning answer that ultimately gave her the Miss Universe crown!

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PHOTO BY instagram/porxild

Thailand, Anntonia Porsild

ANSWER: "I would choose Malala Yousafszai, because I know the struggles she had to deal with in order to get to where she is today. She had to fight for women’s education,and fight for all women to be able to stand strong and  be the change and lead by example. If I could choose anyone that would be her."

PHOTO BY instagram/morayawilson

Australia, Moraya Wilson

ANSWER: "I would live my mother’s year in her birth year. Because she’s a very strong woman, she’s tough, she taught me to be work hard, she taught me how to be brave, how to be strong, and I’m forever grateful for the lessons she taught me."

PHOTO BY instagram/sheynnispalacio_of
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Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios

ANSWER: "I would choose Mary Wollstonecraft because opened the gap and gave an opportunity to many women. And what I would do, I would want that income gap would open up so women can work in any area they choose to work in because there are no limitations for women. That was 1750, now in 2023 we’re making history."

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Australia, Moraya Wilson:

QUESTION: "How would you use the Miss Universe platform to promote global gender equality?"

ANSWER: "I would use the Miss Universe platform to push a message. I think this commmunity is strong, and when we bond together we can create changes. And when it comes to gender equality, when we use our voice, when we use our power to make a change, that when real change happens."

Puerto Rico, Karla Guilfú Acevedo 

QUESTION: "If you win tonight, what would you bring to the Miss Universe brand?"


ANSWER: "I would use that opportunity to show the world the relevance of beauty queens nowadays. I would use my activism regarding mental health and telling the world how it is important that if we use our voice to take up space, if we are courageous enough to be ourselves in this world, I would use the platform to reach and be that."

Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios

QUESTION: "What qualities and values guide you as a leader and role model for others?"

ANSWER: "The quality that has inspired me and has inspired millions of girls today, is humility and to be able to appreciate all of the little things because that’s where the most valuable thing is, the essence of being human."

Thailand, Anntonia Porsild

QUESTION: "If you could speak to a room full of students about online bullying, what would you say?"

ANSWER: "I would say to not listen to what people have to say. Because in the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it is up to us on how we react to it. Use our voice to stand up for what is right and be the change we want to see in the world by leading by example. Don’t listen to the hate, because it doesn’t shape us. But what shapes us is how we get back up and how we move forward from that."

Colombia, Camila Avella

QUESTION: "If this was your last day on earth, how would you live it?"


ANSWER: "I am already living it because I am here. I’m breaking stereotypes, being a woman, being a mother. Is to leave history, a legacy, something that I want to transmit to women, children, mothers."

Congratulations, everyone!

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