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The Art of Shooting Dim Sum

Chinese food is actually quite foodstagram-worthy!
The Art of Shooting Dim Sum Chinese food is actually quite foodstagram-worthy!

If you’re the typical millennial who first considers the Instagram potential of a place before calling for reservation, then we reckon Chinese restaurants aren’t usually your top choice, yes? Compared to French cuisine served gourmet style, dim sum in bamboo steamer baskets might not exactly be easy to shoot if you’re after those insta-hearts. But you see, my friend, that’s where you’re wrong. When it comes to food photography, all is fair in likes and dislikes—it only takes a few tricks to master the art. Below are a few tips you might find useful the next time you crave some dumplings.

1. Include human element.


It can be your hand holding the chopsticks or your friend’s reaching for that xiao long bao. Either way, injecting some human element to your foodstagram makes the captured moment seem more authentic.

2. The subject doesn’t always have to be in the center.

Think outside the box, literally.

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3. Less is sometimes more.

Trying to cram everything in one shot even though the elements don’t really go well together is the most common mistake in the book of foodstagram (if there’s even one). More often than not, simplicity is key.

4. Play with shadows.


Lighting is your friend, not your enemy. Play with it! Be creative and don’t limit yourself to a bright, washed-out end-game. Even the shadows can bring that hipster vibe and extra flair to your photos.

5. It doesn’t always have to be in a flatlay.

It won’t hurt to experiment with different angles, especially if it gives more character to the shot.


6. Throw in other elements.

Like the tea pot, some other dishes, and perhaps even the condiments. These little extras can make a huge difference to make the composition more interesting as a whole.

7. Unleash the stylist in you.


Ever heard of food styling? It's totally a thing! Even before the rise of #foodstagram culture, it's always been a legit profession. So nevermind those judgy eyes; it'll pay off once you get it done right and you become satisfied with your shot.

Have fun foodstagram-ing!

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