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The 5 Most Liked Photos in the History of Instagram

Not that we're surprised.
The 5 Most Liked Photos in the History of Instagram Not that we're surprised.

No matter how much we try to perfect that OOTD against the most beautiful sunset, we’re still miles away from the millions of likes the most-followed celebs on Instagram get. Our honest observation? The simpler the photo is, the more likes it gets - and that goes for everyone. Think about it, photos capturing life events such as weddings, graduations, and cheesy couple moments trump any (if not all) of the super planned and edited of posts. If you need proof, read on and check out the most liked photographs in the history of Instagram, care of the Kardashians and Taylor Swift (no shocker there).

1.       Kendall Jenner’s hair post.

Current number of likes: 3.1 million

Date posted: May 25, 2015

She may not be the highest-paid model in the world, but Kendall Jenner is the owner of the most liked photo on Instagram, ever! We don’t know if it’s the angle, the hearts formed on her crowning glory, the lace designer frock, or the unfiltered rawness of this selfie that made over 3 million people double-tap the post. Whatever it is, it obviously worked—guys, that’s roughly 51 likes per minute!


2.       Taylor Swift’s #KanTay2020 #BFF post.

Current number of likes: 2.6 million

Date posted: September 4, 2015

This photo was just posted last month, and already it’s the second most-liked photo by 'grammers. We guess people are digging the peace between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. The flowers were sent by Kanye after T-swizzle presented him the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

3.       Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ couple shot.

Current number of likes: 2.5 million

Date posted: July 3, 2015

Tay-tay in her swimwear cozying up to her DJ beau also racked up a whopping 2.5 million IG hearts. Fans apparently like it when Taylor is in a relationship... which means she has something to write and sing about. LOL.

4.       KimYe’s wedding kiss.

Current number of likes: 2.4 million

Date posted:  May 27, 2014

A year ago, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding kiss was the most liked photo on Instagram. But after it was trumped by baby sis Kendall’s heart-shaped locks, it dropped to the fourth spot. Let's wait 'til Kim tries to break Instagram.

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5.       Kylie Jenner's graduation photo.

Current number of likes: 2.3 million

Date posted:  July 23, 2015

The youngest Kardashian may seem like a rebel compared to miss goody two shoes Kendall. But this is clearly also the reason why her followers instantly double-tapped when they found out that she managed to graduate from high school amidst all the television drama. We bet a ton of parents liked this photo, too!

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