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The Different Ways Women Show They're Empowered

A truly empowered woman has many faces.
The Different Ways Women Show They're Empowered

Empowerment is not only a show of force but also a statement of love. To further explore the many faces of a truly empowered woman, we caught up with Jennylyn MercadoWilma Doesnt, Tricia Centenera, Alice Dixson, and Hidilyn Diaz at the launch of Avon Fashions' new intimate apparel line and Step into Your Comfort Zone campaign. Here's what these ladies have in common:

1. They don't let gender stereotypes get to them.

Weightlifting isn't a sport associated with women, but that didn't stop Hidilyn Diaz from giving it a shot. "Tingin nila na yung weightlifting panlalaki 'yan, so pinakita ko na tayong mga babae kaya rin lumaban," she points out. Hidilyn's faith in herself helped her nab the silver medal for women's weightlifting (53-kilogram division) in the 2016 Olympics, becoming the first Filipino Olympian in 20 years to stand on the podium.

2. They love and forgive.

From a high-profile marriage and an equally spotlighted separation, Tricia Centenera has gone through so much in the past few years. But amidst all this, she has surfaced as a woman of poise and forgiveness. Her blog has become a sanctuary for discussion on dealing with broken relationships with wisdom and maturity, and her entry on her failed marriage has sparked meaningful conversations online.

3. They learn from their setbacks and bounce back to go after the kind of life they want.

"Nagka-self-doubt ako. Feeling ko wala na akong kwenta as an athlete," Hidilyn recalls of the time she got hurt prior to the Olympics. "Na-overcome ko siya nung naging open ako sa suggestions ng ibang tao, nung minahal ko talaga yung profession ko, and in-accept ko ang sarili ko."

For Tricia, rising above hardships means accepting the difficult times. "The time I felt weakest was when my marriage fell apart. And the only way I overcame that was when I came to the Lord, believed in Him, and had faith."

Like most people, Jennylyn Mercado has experienced plenty of ups and downs in her career and personal life. But her hard work and determination paved the way for a career resurgence, allowing her to star in several blockbuster films in recent years. The key to her recent string of successes? “Kung kaya, kakayanin,” she explains.

The same rings true for Wilma Doesnt, who doesn't let outdated notions and perceptions get to her. "Sabi nila dati ang itim-itim ko, hindi raw ako maganda," she recounts. But the morena beauty defied the odds with numerous fashion ad campaigns, magazine covers, TV shows, and a successful acting career.

And then there's Alice Dixson. As accomplished as she is today, Alice is not immune to people who question her life and love choices. But she stands by the choices she has made and is perfectly happy being a #fitnessgoal at 48. There's nothing wrong with putting yourself first, thank you very much.

At the forefront of Avon Fashions' Step into Your Comfort Zone campaign, Jennylyn, Wilma, Tricia, Hidilyn, and Alice embrace who they are, their passion, and the life they want for themselves, redefining “comfort zone” in the process. For them, being in your comfort zone isn’t about playing things safe, but about choosing to be yourself and carving your own path. Hardships and criticisms will be hurled your way, but you overcome them when you’re happy and proud of what you’ve achieved and the person you’ve become. Now that’s empowerment.

For more information on Avon's intimate apparel collection and Step into Your Comfort Zone campaign, visit Avon's website.

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