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The 11 Times That It’s Okay to Be a Bitch

When you call it quits with your best friend after she hooked up with your boyfriend.
The 11 Times That It’s Okay to Be a Bitch When you call it quits with your best friend after she hooked up with your boyfriend.

 1. When you call someone out for being sexist.

Did someone just say that women shouldn't be leaders because they're too emotional, hence they can't make smart decisions? Giving that person a piece of your mind and correcting him is totally understandable, if not something that has to be done. You might get called a bitch by that person (and sexists like him), and that's probably a sign that they have nothing to say. (Yup, you owned them!)

2. When you're responding to a hater.

Sometimes it's wise to ignore your haters, especially if you're too angry to have a classy reply. But other times you just have to SLAM the wits out of them especially when they're taking things too far or are totally misunderstanding something about you. Celebs like Angelica Panganiban, Angel Locsin, and Gigi Hadid have all done this in the "bitchiest" way.


3. When you don't want to deal or be friends with someone who's plastic.

Keep flashing that cold shoulder or making parinig about how you can't trust this person who's just being close to you so she can use you. Sure, she might tell others you're a bitch, but it's better than being friends with someone who'll betray you and spill all your secrets in the end.


4. When you're calling out someone for being rude.

That person who cut in line in the MRT station? Totally okay to tell her where the end of the line is and put her in her place. Because, duh, she's wrong. (Just remember not to go violent or make a scene, okay? You wouldn't want to be rude when you tell someone she's rude.)

5. When you're pissed at someone who's not doing her job well.

Those who only have one job but can't do it well? Or who don't even do it at all? They're so frustrating that you can't help bitching about them or bluntly telling them to do their job. We're all busy here, and a lot of us have jobs we were just forced into taking just to have food on the table. There shouldn't be a reason to not work well.



6. When you're ranting about how bad the society is.

Hey, someone's got to speak the truth. While bitching about how effed up things are right now isn't the same as going out there and serving the oppressed, people still NEED to know just how bad the situation is. People can't do anything about matters they're ignorant about.


7. When you call it quits with your best friend after she hooked up with your boyfriend.

LOL! And then she tells everyone how bad of a girlfriend you were, or how you "said" bad things about her? Pleeeeeeaaaaaase. You have every right to ABANDON that bridge she burned when she slept with your guy. Saying shit about you isn't going to change how much of a crappy friend she is.

8. When you get angry at your boyfriend after you found out he just cheated on you.

Guys usually say "You're crazy!" when their girlfriends confront them of cheating, as if the flirty texts and pics were just imagined. So yes, when your guy tells you you're crazy or tries to fool you again by saying he loves you and there's no one else, you can go right ahead and yell and get mad at him. No more Ms. Good Girl—especially when someone tries to take you for a fool twice.

9. To that person who's trying to take advantage of you or scam you.

If you get those prank texts from unknown numbers, sure, you can play along if that's your thing. And those who try to scam you in person, GO RIGHT AHEAD AND TELL THEM OFF. You have nothing to lose by doing this, seriously.

10. To that person who's nice only to pretty or hot girls.

Of course you're going to raise your eyebrows or roll your eyes at this person. You wouldn't even want to get to know this person who seems like a jerk. 

11. When you lead.

Honestly, your life/career is so much more important than what people say about you, especially if they call you a "bitch" or call you "bossy" for just being assertive. They're probably just jealous that you were the one who stepped up to the plate before they did. Don't let the REAL bitches get to you.


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