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The 10 Guys You Meet on Tinder

Will you swipe left or right?
The 10 Guys You Meet on Tinder Will you swipe left or right?

It’s official—the dating game for the single (and ready to mingle) millennials has become digital.

Think of it as the modern way to shop for a new bag or a new pair of shoes. You can simply go to a website, check out the categories, drag your choices to the wish list page, and then make the purchase. Tinder, a dating app, is practically the same—except, of course, you don't make a purchase. A user is given different profiles of men and women based on his/her preferred qualities (filtered by age, gender preference and location). You can either swipe left for “He's not my type” or swipe right for “He might be the one.”

Here, the 10 guys you will potentially meet on the matchmaker app.

1. The Networker


This guy basically swipes right on every single profile from 18 to 99 years of age. He will start with a basic hello and maybe throw you a few compliments to get your number. After which, he’ll invite you to a friendly “coffee” date, and then boom. Before you know it, he plugs in his laptop and starts presenting a business offer.

2. The Perv

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This guy just goes straight to the point, no amount of sugarcoating involved. He’ll immediately ask you if you are willing to DTF, SEB, or SOP. And if you decline, he will automatically “unmatch” you. Yup, as simple as that!

3. The Gym Rat

This guy only joined Tinder to show off the fruit of his rigorous workout sesh. Our advice? Give him a compliment or two, then shy away because all he’ll want to talk about is his daily gym routine. (Besides, if the photo is too good to be true, it’s probably Photoshopped.)


4. The Minor

Age can be modified on Facebook. This puberty-stricken boy is on Tinder fantasizing about scoring an older and wiser sugar mommah, so don’t be fooled. Unless you want to end up in jail, that is.

5. The Oldie


There’s nothing wrong with dating an older guy, especially because he’ll most likely be polite enough to pay for dinner. But let’s face it; you didn’t join Tinder to meet someone who’ll only remind you of your uncle or that creepy old man next door.

6. The Committed


This guy already has a girlfriend, or worse, a ring on his finger. Whether he’s a cheater to the core or just currently on the rocks with his real-life partner, the best thing to do is to stay away from him as soon as you notice a red flag. This guy will only break your heart!

7. The Know-It-All


Being politically aware is one thing, but giving you lectures on theories of evolution is a whole new level of stress you don’t need in your life. This guy will try to impress you with his so-called knowledge on the economy and his personal views on who should be the next Philippine President. Save yourself from these insufferable conversations and “unmatch” him, stat!

8. The Funny Guy


Once in a while, you may encounter a guy who’s only after a platonic relationship. He won’t necessarily try to make you fall in love with him, but with his funny jokes that just crack you up, who knows? Just don’t get your hopes up, or you might end up friend-zoned.

9. The Heartbroken


He is the most dangerous of them all. This guy will lure you with his sob story about how he tried to be a good boyfriend but ended up being cheated on or taken for granted. Try not to fall for it, because the very second his ex gives him another shot, he’ll just dump you like last week’s news.

10. The One


There are also success stories in Tinder, mind you. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across the profile of this one special guy and it’ll feel like you’ve known him your whole life. He may be as rare as a unicorn, but you just have to believe in your heart that he exists. So when you finally meet him, don’t miss out on the chance. If things work out, he may very well be your last “swipe right.”

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