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Sunshine Cruz Warns Followers About a Bed Bug-Infested Hotel in Taiwan

Sunshine Cruz Warns Followers About a Bed Bug-Infested Hotel in Taiwan
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/sunshinecruz718

When traveling, your hotel is your safe haven. It's the only place where you won't have to struggle with directions or a language barrier (unless you're ordering food), so you expect it to cause you little to no trouble. However, such was not the case for Sunshine Cruz. On a recent trip to Taiwan, she shared a horror story that might've kept her up at night—literally.

"Guys, warning lang. If you happen to plan a trip to Taiwan, think twice before staying in Hotel Papa Whale," Sunshine writes on a Facebook post. "The hotel is infested with bed bugs. Our group suffered for days with numerous bed bug bites all over our bodies." She shared a few photos of the bug bites as well as a video of the bed bugs in the covers.


According to the post, Sunshine's group asked to be transferred but was unable to do so. "We need to pay extra and told us they can't do anything," she says. "As much as we wanted to leave or transfer to another hotel, we're a group of 40 and it was difficult to transfer."

Thankfully, Sunshine and her group have all arrived home in the Philippines safely. "Our goal now is to not infest our houses with bugs," she writes at the end of the post.

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Yikes! Looks like we're adding "no bed bugs" to our hotel search checklist!

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