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Summit Media's New Video-First Brand Is Your New Home for Inspiring Stories

Since 1995, Summit Media has served top-notch storytelling that have inspired, entertained, and connected with the Filipino audience throughout the years. From extraordinary subjects, to surprising revelations, and even outstanding visual forms to create impactful and uplifting stories you won’t find anywhere else. That said, Summit Media has just released their very first flagship video brand, OG!

While the term “OG” initially stood for Original Gangster, it has since been used to express creative work that is  distinctive and groundbreaking. With the recent release of their official YouTube channel, the video brand will be featuring Filipino OGs—exceptional Pinoys making their mark in the world, regular Juans doing remarkable things in their community, and ordinary citizens making a difference in their own unique way. Aside from their impactful stories, they will also highlight an assortment of unusual places, traditions, and innovations that are all proudly Filipino.

For their debut series, OG wants to put the spotlight on our vibrant OPM scene. As they uncover the stories behind the songs from some of our favorite bands and artists such as Itchyworms, Callalily, and Shanti, we’re also getting to know our trending hits a bit more closely in the process. Not only does this help us understand our music's influence on Filipino culture, but it will also undoubtedly echo our life stories so they can live on for generations to come.

The video brand will become a huge medium in spreading positivity online, inspiring stories, good deeds, or even just a good laugh. As promised, you can expect a video every Friday at 8 p.m. To keep you up to date, you can also follow OG's YouTube channel here

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