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This Pink UV Wand Will Help You Disinfect Everything You Touch

It's pocket-sized!
This Pink UV Wand Will Help You Disinfect Everything You Touch It's pocket-sized!

These days, it's important to practice proper hand hygiene frequently. But more than that, it's also important to disinfect common objects like mobile phones, remote controls, door knobs, et cetera, because these items are breeding grounds for bacteria. There are plenty of ways to kill viruses or bacteria on surfaces; one of them is via UV light—and we found a pocket-friendly one in pink: check out Stericare PH 's Steri UV Wand.

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The Steri UV Wand is about four inches long which is smaller than a mobile phone, so you can easily slip it into your pocket or everyday bag. To use, simply press the on button and run it over the surface of the item you want to disinfect. The Steri UV Wand emits UVC light that can kill viruses and bacteria (and even mites!) on surfaces you touch. Note, however, that UVC is the most damaging type of UV ray (the ozone layer protects the Earth from it), so it is best to use the UV wand only high-touch areas and items like mobile phones, tablets, remote controls, doorknobs, cash, and even your protective equipment like face masks, face shields, PPE suits, and more.

The pocket-sized UV wand comes in a pretty pink color! How cute is that? 
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The Steri UV Wand is available for P1199. Apart from pink, it also comes in three other colors: white, yellow, and black.


If you're looking to disinfect multiple items at the same time, they also have a pink uvc sterilizer bag that they are selling for P2,999. It's the size of a travel cosmetic box, so you can drop in your phone, keys, mask, glasses, what have you, and disinfect them all at once. The uvc light stays within the box to keep your skin safe from incidental exposure.

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You can order by sending a direct message to Stericare's Instagram or Facebook pages.


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