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5 Blogger-Approved Ways to Pose While Standing Up Without Looking Awkward

Tips from Jeline Catt right here!
5 Blogger-Approved Ways to Pose While Standing Up Without Looking Awkward
Tips from Jeline Catt right here!

When it comes to Instagram poses, there's no one better to ask for advice than models and influencers. We'd totally take their word for it—after all, they do so for a living! For this tutorial, we turned to Jeline Catt, who seemed to have mastered a simple yet super tricky Insta-pose: standing up.

Below, she shares with us her tried-and-tested tips in posing for the 'gram:

1. Walk it off. 

"I just try to move around a lot while someone shoots me," Jeline says. "I honestly feel more awkward with just standing still and looking at the camera."

2. Elongate what you can.

It can be as subtle as pointing your toes or extending your arm. The point is, the more you extend your body, the longer and taller you'll look in photos. Plus, this creates a vertical illusion from the viewer's point of view, which effectively slims you down, too.


3. Lean against a wall

When you see a wall or a post, make use of it. You're not only creating a dramatic look, you're also adding dynamics and depth to an otherwise dull and stiff background.

4. Sass it up.

Jeline often finds herself asking, "What can I do with my arms so they're not just hanging by my side?" And her quick solution includes holding her sunnies up, shielding her eyes from the harsh light, playing with her hair, and holding up her hat.

5. Don't be afraid to look "outrageous"

But if these still don't feel natural to you, Jeline says it's best to just keep moving. "Most of the time, I really just try to move around...literally try anything and everything." Don't be afraid to experiment with your poses, too. "Even if you think it looks ridiculous, it might actually look great on camera. The most outrageous poses often look the best, in my opinion," she adds.