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Can't Wait to Travel Again to South Korea? Mark Your Calendars for This Weekend's Travel Fair!

Score awesome deals for your next K-adventure!
Can't Wait to Travel Again to South Korea? Mark Your Calendars for This Weekend's Travel Fair!
Score awesome deals for your next K-adventure!

While most of us stayed at home and binged on Netflix and YouTube at the height of the pandemic, there were others who rediscovered the wonderful world of K-dramas and K-pop during said times. We found comfort in the K-drama tropes and synchronized dance moves of the idols, fell in love with the K-Drama leads, found our K-pop bias, and most of all, we suddenly found ourselves filled with wanderlust to visit the places we've seen on our screens. The beautiful and scenic mountainsides; the bustling, busy city of Seoul; the smaller rural towns; and the historical landmarks in period dramas—these places are almost calling out to us to visit. 

Now that restrictions are easing up, more and more people are itching to travel to Korea and fulfill their dreams of visiting the places where their oppas and biases frequent to feel closer to their idols. But with COVID-19 still looming, travel to foreign countries has become relatively more complicated than it was a couple of years ago. But don't worry, the Korea Tourism Organization has your back! From September 10 to 11, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is hosting the Korea Festival, the highlight of which is the Korea Travel Fair at the Glorietta Activity Center and Palm Drive Activity Center.


What can we expect from the Korea Travel Fair?

The Korea Festival is a celebration of Korean culture and tourism. But most importantly, the highlight of the festival is the free Korea Travel Fair, which aims to help prospective tourists plan their trips to Korea. 

Big discounts on tickets and tour packages await the attendees as five travel agencies will be participating, namely: Ark Travel Express, Horizon Travel & Tours, Pan Pacific Travel Corporation, Rakso Air Travel & Tours, and Travel Specialist Ventures.

Korea Travel Fair Poster
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Attendees will receive special gifts and tokens from KTO when they purchase tickets or tour packages on-site. So have your passports and wallets ready to book the Korean adventure of your dreams!

Korea Travel Fair is from September 10 to 11 at Glorietta Activity Center and Palm Drive Activity Center. For more information, visit the Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office Facebook Page.

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