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12 Signs You're the "Sosyal" Friend in the Group

Your driver is literally everyone's best friend.
12 Signs You're the "Sosyal" Friend in the Group Your driver is literally everyone's best friend.

Your friends mean no harm when they tease you for being a Rich Kid of Instagram. Truth be told, they’ll love you just as much even if you were broke.

1. You have a yaya who’s been there even before you were born, who has now become your barkada’s yaya, too.


And she’s updated with the latest chismis! She knows that Tracy hooked up with Miguel while Tracy’s boyfriend Mark was in the US, studying. Oh, and she also knows your barkada’s favorite inuman food and go-to hangover breakfast.

2. You also have a driver who takes you and your friends home after a night of walwalan.

Everyone loves Mang Raul. He endures all your stupid conversations, fast food drive thrus, and post-clubbing crying. Your barkada never needs a designated driver, because YOU have a driver.

3. When you and your friends are out partying, you offer to buy a bottle and never just a round of shots.


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4. Your rest house/resort/farm/hacienda in Calatagan/Tali/Tags is your barkada’s default getaway spot.

Mom and dad have grown tired of the place, so why not take advantage?


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5. That one time you felt like you needed a restart and wanted to go away to "find yourself," you instantly booked a one-way ticket to the US.

And your friends still give you shit about it.


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6. Your idea of a perfect afternoon date/hangout is having high tea at Manila Penn.

Or grabbing coffee at Toby’s Estate!

7. Your barkada hates it when you suggest places to eat because it’s almost always expensive.

But hey, you like Jollibee, too! Nothing can compare to Chickenjoy, after all.

8. You’re the one everyone turns to when there’s a concert/event because you always get last minute tickets.

Because somehow, your dad always has a friend from work who happens to have five extra VIP tickets to concerts, seven patron tickets for UAAP games, and unlimited backstage passes. Oh, and you have access to those suite boxes at the SM MOA Arena. NBD.


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9. Your friends always say that they only learn about the latest fashion and beauty trends from you.

You had Stan Smiths way before they were considered “cool” and people made fun of you for wearing sneakers with your dress.

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10. You’ve spent long weekends in Japan, Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok, and other places that don’t require flying for over six hours.

And you don’t surprise anyone anymore.


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11. Your friends will never forget the day you told them you rode a tricycle and the MRT to get to work because your car broke down.


Or that time you first became friends, you didn’t know how to tell them that you don’t know how to hail a cab when you made takas to go to the mall in college. It still makes a good story for when you’re all wasak na.

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12. Your friends literally call you their sosy friend.

But it’s cool because you know that they actually love you and don’t mean it in a mean way.


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