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10 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring Hallyu Heartthrob Song Kang

The actor has spread his lethal charm in titles such as "Love Alarm," "Nevertheless," and "My Demon"
10 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring Hallyu Heartthrob Song Kang
IMAGE My Demon/SBS, Nevertheless/JTBC
The actor has spread his lethal charm in titles such as "Love Alarm," "Nevertheless," and "My Demon"

Even if you're just a casual K-drama viewer, you definitely still know who Song Kang is. He's dubbed as the "Son of Netflix" in Korea thanks to the numerous titles under his belt, most of which call for him to lean into his boyish charm. The heartthrob has come a long way from his Love Alarm and Sweet Home days, having bagged more and more leading man roles in the past few years. 

Can’t get enough of him? We’ve got you covered! Ahead, we curated a list of dramas starring Song Kang that are definitely worth a watch (or a rewatch).

WATCH: 10 K-Dramas Starring Song Kang

1. The Liar and His Lover (2017)

Watch on: Netflix, Viki

Kang Hang-gyul is a talented composer and musician who changes his identity after struggling with depression. He eventually meets, and is easily drawn to, Yoon So-rim, a young gifted singer with a captivating voice. As the two get closer, Hang-gyul eventually develops feelings for her, but it’s only a matter of time until his lies start to catch up with him. In the drama, Song Kang plays a guitarist and So-rim’s childhood friend, Baek Jin-woo. 

Also starring: Lee Hyun Woo, Joy, Lee Seo Woon, Lee Jung Jin

2. Man Who Sets the Table (2017-2018)

Watch on: Viki

After deciding to leave all her worries behind, Lee Roo-ri packs up her belongings and books an escape to Guam. In the midst of her trip, she crosses paths with carefree nomad, Jung Tae-yang, who turns her whole world upside down. Meanwhile, Kang portrays Tae-yang’s step-brother, Kim Woo-joo, in the series.

Also starring: On Joo Wan, Sooyoung, Seo Hyo Rim, Park Jin Woo

3. Touch Your Heart (2019)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu

Following a scandal that destroyed her reputation, former top actress Oh Jin-shim is determined to get her once thriving career back into shape. Set on getting the part in a huge television series, she works as a secretary to an unemotional lawyer to get a first-hand feel of the role she’s auditioning for. If you decide to give this rom-com a chance, make sure to keep your eyes peeled because Kang makes a cameo in Episode 13 of the drama as a delivery man. 


Also starring: Yoo In Na, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Sang Woo, Son Sung Yoon

4. When the Devil Calls Your Name (2019)

Watch on: Viu, Viki

Renowned songwriter Ha Rib has a dark secret unbeknown to many: He sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and prestige. Now with his contract on the brink of expiring, he begins to learn the true expense of his selfish actions. Kang takes on the role of Lucca Alexsevićh, Ha Rib’s amateur assistant. 

Also starring: Jung Kyoung Ho, Park Sung Woong, Lee Seoul, Lee El

5. Love Alarm (2019-2021)

Watch on: Netflix

In a world where an app can indicate whether a person loves you or not, the plot centers around high schooler Kim Jojo, who lives with the wounds of her childhood. She soon meets transferee student Hwang Sun-oh, and soon enough finds herself caught in a love triangle between the dashing model and his best friend, Lee Hye-yeong, who’s long harbored a crush on Jojo.

watch now

Also starring: Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, Go Min Si

6. Sweet Home (2021, 2023)

Watch on: Netflix

Based on a popular webtoon, the series begins just as a terrifying apocalypse threatens mankind. When humans start turning into monsters, a distraught loner and his new neighbors must team up and fight off the hoard of violent creatures in order to survive.

Also starring: Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Nam Hee, Go Min Si

7. Navillera (2021) 

Watch on: Netflix

70-year-old Sim Deok-chool has always dreamt of becoming an exceptional ballet dancer. Unfortunately, he’s had to put his aspirations on hold for years in order to provide for his family. Now in retirement, Deok-chool decides to finally pursue his dreams and take ballet classes. He meets Lee Chae-rok, a 23-year-old talented ballerino on the brink of giving up his profession in the face of adversity. From there, a blossoming friendship sparks between the two men who share the same passion for dance. 


Also starring: Hong Seung Hee, Park In Hwan, Jo Sung Ha

8. Nevertheless (2021)

A flirtatious man who has sworn off dating and a woman who no longer believes in love after a past heartbreak cross paths during their college days. The two become friends (with benefits) and start to change one another's perspective on romance.

Also starring: Han So Hee 

9. Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)

Within the walls of the Korea Meteorological Administration, Jin Ha-kyung has a built a reputation for herself as one of the top forecasters in her division. She works alongside Lee Shi-woo, a free-spirited young reporter who develops unprecedented feelings towards her.

Also starring: Park Min Young, Yoon Park, Yura

10. My Demon (2023)

Do Do-hee, an egregious heiress of a conglomerate, and Jeong Gu-won, a 200-year-old demon with supernatural abilities, make a simple deal: They are to be wed to one another in an effort to keep Gu-won from his own demise. Things take a turn when romantic feeling begin to get in the way.


Also starring: Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Sang Yi

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