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Did You Know? Song Hye Kyo Is Reportedly Paid P8.7 Million Per Episode of Her K-Dramas

Did You Know? Song Hye Kyo Is Reportedly Paid P8.7 Million Per Episode of Her K-Dramas
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/kyo1122, The Glory/Netflix
The fee is reportedly less than what well-known Korean male actors earn.

With her acting caliber and international prestige, most would come to think that the sought-after Korean actress Song Hye Kyo is compensated well. But according to a recent report, the Hallyu star might be getting the shorter end of the stick, salary-wise!

In a YouTube video, Ahn Jin Yong, a reporter from the South Korean newspaper Munhwa Ilbo, disclosed the current highest-paid K-drama stars in 2023. The 18-minute report covered the estimated salaries of Korea’s most recognizable names in the industry, including Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk, and Ji Chang Wook

According to the journalist, these celebrities normally receive 300 million Korean won per episode, which is approximately P13.1 million. For a regular 16-episode K-drama, top actors are estimated to rack up a total of 4.8 billion Korean won (approx. P209 million)!

PHOTO BY While You Were Sleeping/KBS

But the report also revealed a disparity between male and female actors’ salaries, an issue that has plagued Hollywood stars, too. While actresses like Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Soo, and Hye Kyo have become fixtures in the industry, they are reportedly compensated much less than their male counterparts.


The Munhwa Ilbo journalist stated that actresses like Hye Kyo and Ji Hyun receive 200 million Korean won or approximately P8.7 million. Jin Yong explained that this is due to male actors having a “stronger female fandom.”

PHOTO BY The Glory/Netflix

However, due to The Glory’s popularity on local shores and overseas, the reporter mentions it's expected that Hye Kyo may potentially receive higher pay in future projects. Recognized as a stellar addition to her 27-year-long acting career, her performance in the hit Netflix series—where she played a scorned woman seeking revenge on her school tormentors—has been lauded by critics and netizens.

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