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Son Ye-Jin Gifted Her Glam Team with Jewelry After "Crash Landing on You" Finale

Son Ye-Jin Gifted Her Glam Team with Jewelry After "Crash Landing on You" Finale
From Seri's Choice, perhaps? LOL!

We have so much love for the character of Yoon Se-ri in Crash Landing on You because not only is she kind, stylish, and headstrong, she’s also thoughtful and generous. We mean, remember that time when she handed over her black card (a.k.a. “S.C.” or “Se-ri’s Card” with no spending limit) to the Company Five soldiers so they can have all the fun they want while in Seoul? She even had suits tailor-made for them.

PHOTO BY tvN/CrashLandingonYou

And oh, how about that time she took Captain Ri shopping? Come to think of it, she did the same for the neighborhood ahjummas right before she left North Korea, too!

Turns out, it’s not just Yoon Se-ri. Son Ye-jin, the actress herself behind the now-iconic role, is also deserving of the Most Generous Award! At the Crash Landing on You wrap-up party (the very same party where she and Hyun Bin showed up in matching outfits!), the Hallyu star apparently gave a precious “thank you” gift to the members of Team Se-ri, including her hairstylist Gu Mi-jeong, makeup artist Mu-jin, and stylist Lee Yunmi.

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Based on the pictures that her glam team uploaded on Instagram, it looks like Ye-jin gifted everyone with a small brown paper bag, which contained a red envelope and a piece of jewelry! As of writing, there’s currently no available information yet as to which jewelry brand it came from exactly (perhaps from Seri’s Choice? LOL!), but one photo reveals that a solitaire diamond necklace is inside each jewelry box.


We don’t know about you, but we are totally jealous! Now, can someone point us to the nearest branch of Seri’s Choice, please?

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