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Solenn Heussaff Talks About Her First Solo Art Exhibit

See what else is in store for the exhibit.
Solenn Heussaff Talks About Her First Solo Art Exhibit See what else is in store for the exhibit.

If you follow the multi-talented Solenn Heussaff on Instagram, then you probably know she's a very creative person. Well, around this time next month you'll get to see the fruits of her creative labor. From April 8 to May 8, you'll get to see her art displayed at Pineapple Lab.

Not only will the exhibit contain twenty five of Solenn's life-sized paintings, but other creative works as well, like clothes, furniture, and pottery. Maybe that's what she was preparing for in one of her recent Instagram video?


We caught up with Solenn and asked her to dish on the deets.

How long did all this take to set up?

"Three years! Actually if you pick up any magazine since 2012, you will see me saying I'm having my exhibit this year. Lies!"

Are your paintings  of anyone in particular?

"All strangers. I don't like painting people I know as the photos are just an inspiration, the face doesn't actually look identical to my subject. 

I love painting women from different tribes as I feel they have so much depth to them, particularly older women. Their soul comes out more and seem so fragile yet so strong and I like that about them, like they have a million stories to tell."

How did you get your painting style?

"I started painting and copying famous painters. I feel that's the best way to learn as you get to experience and practice different styles. From there you can see what suits you best."

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What else can we expect from the exhibit, aside from your paintings?

"During the exhibit I will also be featuring a few clothes co-designed by myself and Mia Arcena. We also digitally printed the fabrics with my artwork and prints. 

I also designed a few furniture pieces. I've always been a fan of interior design, but as an artist that paints, I don't know the dos and don't of furniture-making. I decided to pair up with my good friends Steph and Jess Kienle of Philux, as they are good at what they do and have quality products that are Philippine made.

You'll also be seeing embroidered cow hides. This is an idea I've had for a while, I just wasn't quite sure with how to execute. I wanted to paint on it but I figured it wouldn't work out. So I decided to embroider, although the cow skin is really thick and would need heavy machinery, which I couldn't find here. 


So I went to Our Tribe, a leather company that I had interviewed for Taste Buddies, and they helped me come up with a solution. We drew on the cow hide and manually punctured the hide with holes. This is a very long and tedious process, we then passed leather thread through the holes to create the designs."

Sounds promising! In any case, we're curious to see what the actress has in store for us next month! 

Images from @ramsayderek11 and bacOn.artillery on Instagram

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